Treatment For Typhus?

Illustration of Treatment For Typhus?
Illustration: Treatment For Typhus?

Hello, I am a 25 year old man who has a complaint of frequent low-grade fever for more than 2 weeks. U003cbr / u003e u003cbr / u003e , usually occurs before or after a meal, especially if the meal time is a little late. The fever is also sometimes high enough to make me dizzy head u0026amp; shivering so that I can’t do normal activities. Here are the lab results and their values:

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at When you talk from mild fever conditions, what you experience is not necessarily typhus. It could be that it is a symptom of decreased endurance, there are links with psychological conditions, special variants of dengue fever, viral infections, or others.

So that a direct examination is needed, and so, your steps so far have been right. Regarding your question, the lab results that really show typed results, the number next to the slash, "/" should be greater than 160, which is 320. So if it is definitely positive typed, you should get a 1/320 result, or at least 1 / 160, although this can sometimes be dubious. Therefore, from the lab results, 1/80 actually does not support being called typhus. However, if the clinical results support, then you are still diagnosed with typhus. That is the importance of direct examination, because often we can not get typical results if you look at the examination of the support alone.

Then, to handle it in terms of the patient is actually not specific, more or less the same as dealing with other diseases, namely by taking medication regularly, getting enough rest, increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, avoiding smoking, drinking more water, managing stress well, maintaining cleanliness when eating (because typhus usually comes from contaminated or dirty food or drinks), and the most important thing is when the medicine is about to run out or even has run out but your complaints don't improve, immediately return to your doctor to evaluate your condition.

Regarding medicine or herbal food, unfortunately until now the doctor has not been able to recommend it, because research on herbal medicine is still very minimal, and if the doctor insists on giving it to the patient, it actually means the doctor puts the patient in danger, or in conditions that have not been clinically proven . Of course this does not mean you should not take herbal medicines, because everything is your decision, but as a doctor, should not recommend anything to patients who do not have clinical and scientific evidence.

Healing from this disease is not specific, because it depends on the body's resistance and medication adherence. It could be around a week or sooner, and it could also be longer if there are aggravating conditions. Therefore the benchmark should be the drug given, if the medicine is about to run out but the complaints are still settled, it means you have to control again. But if you have improved the condition even though the medicine has not been used up, continue to spend the medicine because the drugs given are usually in the form of antibiotics that must be used up.

Finally, if you want to avoid typhus, the general recommendation is to maintain your immune system and ensure that whatever you consume is clean. The explanation of maintaining the immune system itself can be by consuming high nutritious food, exercising regularly, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, and to ensure that the food and drinks we consume are clean and can be routinely washing hands, and not buying food sold in places that are clean less awake. So, hopefully answering your question.

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