Treatment For Weak Heart?

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Illustration: Treatment For Weak Heart? Bing

Sorry to ask.. if you want to check for a weak heart at the health center, can you not? Or is it better to go to the hospital??rnThank you

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Hi Fifa,

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Weak heart or also known as heart failure is a condition in which the heart muscle weakens, unable to pump blood throughout the body optimally. Symptoms can include shortness of breath on exertion, in severe heart failure, shortness of breath can appear even though the patient is at rest. For an initial examination, you can come to the puskesmas, the general practitioner will do a history (doctor-patient question and answer), physical examination, if necessary supporting examinations such as blood tests, ultrasound of the heart (echocardiography). If the correct diagnosis of the disease is heart failure, the doctor will refer you to a Cardiologist or Internal Medicine Specialist.

Keep doing a healthy lifestyle such as consuming food with a healthy menu, limiting salt intake, stopping smoking, exercising regularly, managing psychological stress to maintain your heart health.

So hopefully useful.

dr. Annes

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