Treatment Of Abrasions From Falls?

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Regarding wound care, in principle, the treatment of open wounds is almost the same, but it is also necessary to pay attention to what type of open wound, whether it is just an abrasion or it reaches deeper layers of skin or even deeper organs. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the wound is clean or dirty. In some cases, a tetanus shot will be required depending on the type of open wound. You can read some articles about the types of open wounds here - Good Open Wound Treatments.

In wound care, the first thing that needs to be done is to clean the wound because dirty wounds can interfere with the healing process, besides that the wound is prone to infection. To clean the wound, you can use sterile saline (such as NaCl) if cleaning the wound is done at a health clinic, but you can also use clean water and preferably running water. Then clean the debris or dirt stuck to the wound. If there is excess discharge from the wound, it can be cleaned with gauze slowly. Another principle of wound care is to keep the surrounding environment moist so that the wound healing process can take place properly. If the wound is very wet and secretes a lot of fluid, it is necessary to clean the excess fluid while maintaining its moisture condition, but if the wound is very dry it needs to be made more moist, it can be done by giving gauze that has been slightly moistened with normal saline (for example NaCl). In some open wounds, antibiotic ointment is sometimes needed to prevent further infection.

For the use of betadine whose main ingredient is iodine, actually its main use is as an antiseptic, so it can be used when cleaning wounds to prevent infection. However, when used continuously as a wound care it is not recommended, because it can slow down / interfere with the wound healing process, besides that there is also a risk of skin irritation and skin allergies. For the treatment of abrasions you can read more about how to treat them in this article First aid for treating abrasions.

Basically, wounds can heal on their own, especially those that are not too deep and with proper care, wound healing can run better. The most important thing is we must keep the wound clean and the environment moist. The use of bioplacenton ointment which contains placental extract and neomycin sulphate. In some studies, the use of placental extracts can speed up the healing process because these substances can trigger an increase in certain factors in the wound healing process. Neomycin sulphate is a type of aminoglycoside antibiotic, in principle this antibiotic can inhibit the growth and development of bacteria. In people who have a history of allergies or are very sensitive to the antibiotic neomycin or the aminoglycosides its use should be more careful. You can also read other articles about the wound healing process.

The characteristics of a healed wound include:
- the wound is dry
- the wound isn't red
- the wound does not ooze
- the wound is no longer painful

However, if you feel some symptoms such as the wound is getting swollen, red, the discharge is increasing, or you even start to feel systemic symptoms such as fever. Immediately consult yourself to the nearest clinic or doctor.

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