Treatment Of Back Pain Or Spinal Pain?

Illustration of Treatment Of Back Pain Or Spinal Pain?
Illustration: Treatment Of Back Pain Or Spinal Pain?

I want to ask, I have an ultrasound check but my doctor said I have pelvic pain or say that my PID is then told to take medicine until it finishes the medication again, my question is that the disease has healed or not a doctor?

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There is a complaint of pain in the back or part of the spine that you felt before, and the doctor who treats you states this complaint is caused by PID or pelvic inflamatory disease which is an inflammatory disease in the pelvic cavity that can cause inflammation in the internal organs, both the cervix / cervix , uterus, fallopian tubes, or ovaries.

The results of an ultrasound examination done by your doctor that gives a conclusion of pelvic inflammation, can be accompanied by various accompanying complaints, such as low back pain, menstrual disorders, abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, pain during intercourse, or pain during urination. The cause of pelvic inflammation that can often be caused by an infection due to sexually transmitted diseases, especially if you have a history of previous sexual relations or you are a woman with sexually active. Apart from being sexually transmitted, or it can also be caused by infection with other pathogenic microorganisms that can cause infections in the female area.

By controlling risk factors such as avoiding risky sex, changing sexual partners, unprotected sexual intercourse, history of miscarriage, or using dauche / vaginal treatments that increase the risk of harmful germ growth.

Recovery of patients with a history of pelvic inflammation can last several days to weeks depending on the clinical response and prevention of exposure to risk factors and prevention of causes of pelvic inflammation, and if the risk factors for pelvic inflammation do again, then the risk of pelvic inflammation can experience a relapse.

To find out that you have recovered from pelvic inflammation, it is necessary to do a consultation and examination directly to the obstetrician who treated you before. The doctor will do an interview about the recovery process that you live and fix the complaints you feel. In addition, an ultrasound examination is also carried out to find out improvements in the inflammation process that occurred before, so that now it can be seen that whether the inflammation process has improved or not. Recovery of pelvic inflammation can be known by improving the complaints that you feel and the results of ultrasound examination found no signs of inflammation of the pelvis.

So at this time I cannot confirm whether your pelvic inflammation has healed or not, because this condition needs to be examined directly by the doctor who treated you before.

For further treatment, you can continue the medication that has been given by the doctor, and immediately control it again when the drug has run out. Other efforts you can also do is to maintain the health of female organs, avoid risky sex, and avoid the use of vaginal dauche if no indication of use is found.

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