Treatment Of Blackheads By Extraction?

Illustration of Treatment Of Blackheads By Extraction?
Illustration: Treatment Of Blackheads By Extraction?

Hello, whether pimples u0026amp; blackheads have to be extracted? Why after blackheads extracted blackheads always appear again and again? But if not extracted, can blackheads disappear on their own?

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Basically blackheads can be formed due to blockages in the skin pores due to natural facial oil (sebum) mixed with dead skin cells. Normally facial skin will produce sebum, and this sebum will be produced more and more when there are hormonal changes such as puberty or before menstruation in women. Facial skin also normally will always be replaced, old skin that is at the top layer will die replaced by younger skin cells underneath. Therefore, blackheads will be very easy to form (and will continue to re-form), especially in people who have oily facial skin (meaning a lot of sebum production) and in people who do not treat their facial skin properly (so that skin cells die on his face a lot of piling up).

Blackheads can be overcome without extraction, but it does take longer. You can do scrub on the face (make sure to use a special scrub for the face not for the body) routinely (recommended 2 times a week). You can also choose facial soap that contains AHA / BHA to help scrape dead skin cells slowly from your face . Doing the above regularly can help reduce and erode blackheads that have formed slowly and also prevent the emergence of new blackheads.

If you have a very severe problem of blackheads, you also have problems with acne and can not be overcome with your own facial treatment, you should check with a dermatologist. A dermatologist can help provide prescription medicines that you can use to help reduce blackheads and pimples and can also perform other skin treatments such as facial peels on a regular basis.

Make sure you wash your face regularly 2 times a day (morning and night before going to bed), never sleep while using cosmetics. Wash your face gently, don't rub it harshly (scrubbing rough can cause irritation to the face and increasing sebum production). Make sure you keep using facial moisturizers after washing your face (even oily skin still needs facial moisturizers), and use sunscreen when you leave the house in the morning and afternoon. Choose sunscreens and cosmetics that are non-comedogenic or don't clog pores and won't cause acne.

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