Treatment Of Blood Clots Under The Nails?

Illustration of Treatment Of Blood Clots Under The Nails?
Illustration: Treatment Of Blood Clots Under The Nails?

Good afternoon. A few minutes ago I read an article from about treating frozen blood on nails. I want to ask. Last August, my thumb was hit by a hammer. And since then my thumb nails have a blackish blue color which I think is due to blood clots. I thought this was normal and maybe it could heal itself. But for the past few days I saw that my nails looked like they had red blood spots. I am afraid that if you let it be, it will become dangerous. And when I saw how to handle it on Google, the nails had to be perforated first. Isn’t there an easier way? If only I compress it with ice cubes, the wound will disappear by itself? Explanation please. thank you

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Good morning, thanks for the question

A blood clot under the nail is a normal process when a trauma occurs which causes the rupture of a small blood vessel in the nail bed, which triggers the blood clotting process to stop bleeding, resulting in a black blood clot.

There are several types of treatment for this condition based on the size of the blood clot that is formed.

If the blood clot is very small there is usually no need to take any action. However, if there is pain that is bothersome enough, the doctor can decompress to remove a number of blood clots and provide pain medication. An electrocautery method can be done by perforating the nail and removing any existing blood clots. This method is quick and less painful.

Another method is to use a needle to perforate the nail and remove the blood clot.

If the blood clot tends to be large and causes injury to the tissue under the nail, your doctor may advise you to remove the nail. Nails will grow back in 2-6 months.

In small clots, the nails can also come off on their own as the blood clot separates the nail from the nail bed tissue underneath.

For that, do a doctor's examination to determine whether your condition needs to be done in a certain way as mentioned above.

So, hopefully this information can be useful

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