Treatment Of Burns In Diabetics?

Illustration of Treatment Of Burns In Diabetics?
Illustration: Treatment Of Burns In Diabetics?

My mother has wet sugar, yesterday her feet blistered and came out with liquid because of the scalding water, how to cure it, please help.

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Exposure to excessive heat on the skin, including due to scalding with boiling water, can cause burns. Depending on the degree and surface area of ​​the skin involved, this condition can be mild, can also be dangerous. If judged by the appearance of wounds that your mother experienced, namely blisters and discharge, the possibility of burns included in the degree II. This degree of burns involve damage starting from the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, to some of the layers in it (dermis). Not only blister and runny, sufferers can also feel pain and other discomfort that is quite disturbing.

Overcoming second degree burns should not be done haphazardly. Moreover, if this burn involves a large surface area of ​​the skin. The condition of your mother who has diabetes (diabetes) can make this condition more complicated, because diabetics often have problems with endurance, blood perfusion, to nerves, including in the leg area.

Therefore, the right step that you should take at this time is, consult your mother directly to the doctor, surgeon, or dermatologist so that you can be evaluated more deeply as to what condition the wound is experiencing. Some tests, such as blood tests, may also be done by a doctor to assess your mother's blood sugar levels. As for the actions that doctors will do later can vary, can be with wound care, debridement (removal of damaged tissue), administration of drugs, surgery, and so on. Determination of the best treatment, back again, depends on the condition of the wound that your mother experienced.

For now, you can do the following steps before checking your mother to see a doctor:

Clean the burns that your mother experienced properly, namely by:

Wash your hands first, then use gloves
Take a clean gauze cloth, wet with NaCl liquid
Clean the burns that appear while pressing a little (do not rub)
Cover the wound with clean gauze moistened with NaCl, do not glue it too tight

Do not give drugs carelessly on burns, without a prescription from a doctor
Give your mother clean, loose pants to minimize friction on burns
Give your mother plenty to drink, at least 2 liters per day, and eat nutritious foods
Control your mother's diabetes by reminding her to take anti-diabetic drugs regularly, balanced with exercise and a healthy diet
Remind your mother not to smoke
Give your mother comfortable and clean footwear every time she will be outdoors or in the right kind of dirty
Diligently check before your mother sleeps, if there are new wounds on the feet or other body parts that your mother does not feel, then clean before the wound enlarges

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