Treatment Of Burns Using Toothpaste And Aloe Vera?

Illustration of Treatment Of Burns Using Toothpaste And Aloe Vera?
Illustration: Treatment Of Burns Using Toothpaste And Aloe Vera?

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Burns are damage to the skin layer due to exposure to hot objects, including fire, hot water, hot steam, electricity, and chemicals (eg strong acids). The severity of burns can be grouped according to the depth of the affected skin layer, area of ​​the body, location, and the abnormalities / disorders that accompany. The degree of burn injury is as follows:

Grade 1, characteristic: damage is limited to the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis), usually appears red, there is pain, and there is no impaired blood circulation; has the best recovery prognosis
Degree 2, characteristics: damage reaches the deeper layers of the skin (dermis), there is a disruption of blood circulation if the damage is deeper, pain is minimal if the damage is deeper; if skin damage is at a shallower level, bullae can be found (bubbles containing blood fluid in the upper layers of the skin, usually the fluid comes from blood plasma permeation, but can also be pus when infected, or contain blood)
Degree 3, characteristic: damage involves the entire layer of skin, can even reach the layer of fat under the skin, resulting in impaired blood circulation, skin nerves are usually damaged so that there is no pain

The presence of blistered skin complaints accompanied by pain in burns experienced by your husband shows the possibility that the burns suffered were of 1-2 degrees. Nevertheless, this still needs to be ascertained through a direct physical examination by a doctor. Therefore, you are advised to check the patient directly to the doctor or plastic surgeon.

The doctor will perform anamnesis and physical examination to assess whether there are signs of emergency that need to be addressed immediately, such as dehydration and shock. Next, the doctor will assess whether there are indications that the patient is admitted to the hospital. Handling of the wound will be adjusted to the condition of the wound and indications found, for example removal of scar tissue, administering antibiotics, or skin grafting as a follow-up effort.

During the healing process, the use of any products or traditional medicines that have not been supported by valid scientific evidence regarding their benefits and safety are not recommended, including toothpaste or aloe vera. These actions actually have the risk of causing infections that can inhibit the wound healing process.

As a recommendation, patients are advised to keep the burn condition clean and dry enough, use topical ointments / creams given by the doctor if available, and wound care according to the doctor's recommendations. Patients can use paracetamol at a dosage following the rules of use on the drug packaging or as prescribed by the doctor to help reduce pain.

To enrich insight, you can read articles about burns. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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