Treatment Of Burns

Illustration of Treatment Of Burns
Illustration: Treatment Of Burns

Good evening, u003cbr / u003eHow to treat burns and after using bioplacenton drugs after 1 week? And how to get rid of these burn scars? U003cbr / u003e The current wound condition for watery bubble wounds is gone, there is still a reddish pink color on the burn scars, and the skin is somewhat dry after being given bioplacenton (looks wrinkled) u003cbr / u003e you very much for your help,

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Hello Diana,

Thank you for the question.

Burns can require a variety of treatments and healing times, depending on the cause, its size, its depth, and the initial treatment you have taken to treat it. If your burns appear pink, dry and wrinkled at this time, but are no longer painful, swollen, blistered, or have abnormal discharge, chances are that your burn condition has greatly improved. Do not always rush to see a doctor so that your risk of contracting the disease (including COVID-19) can be minimized.

There are also no recommended special handling steps other than:

Clean the burn using sterile gauze moistened with liquid NaCl, do not be carelessly given an ointment or medication without doctor's advice, do not close it too tight
Don't wear clothes or footwear that are too tight, which can cause friction in your wound
Drink more and rest
Take a shower and wear clean clothes so that your burns are kept clean

Conversely, if there are signs of severe inflammation in the wound, such as pain, swelling, blistering, or abnormal discharge, you can check yourself directly to the doctor, surgeon, or dermatologist to be given the right treatment.

I hope this helps.

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