Treatment Of Children Aged 2 Years Old Hiccups At Night?

Illustration of Treatment Of Children Aged 2 Years Old Hiccups At Night?
Illustration: Treatment Of Children Aged 2 Years Old Hiccups At Night?

Night … my child is 2 years old … if you have a cold or cough … when you wake up and find it hard to swallow gt … there is a sound like a hiccup … this happens at night … how to handle it … thanks

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Good morning, Eiskandar. Thank you for the question.

Hiccups are a condition where the sound is like a "hic" due to the sudden closure of the vocal cords, which can be triggered by a contraction in the diaphragm (the muscle membrane separating the chest and abdomen). Hiccups can occur in all ages, both adults and children. There are several things that can trigger the hiccups themselves, generally due to food and drinks such as soda, heat, spicy food, flatulence, eating too fast, etc. Apart from that, our own circumstances and emotional changes can also trigger hiccups. Other conditions such as: respiratory problems due to asthma, pneumonia, or digestive disorders such as colitis, intestinal obstruction, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), etc. Apart from the above factors, some drugs also have side effects that cause hiccups, such as opioid pain relievers (for example morphine), chemotherapy drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, namely corticosteroids.

Handling of hiccups can be overcome when the cause is resolved, such as in the case of your child, a condition with a respiratory system disorder such as coughing, colds can be one of the causes but it does not rule out other causes that can also contribute to the appearance of this hiccup. So it's good to see a doctor to treat health problems in your child. When the underlying cause has been resolved, the symptoms of the hiccups can naturally subside.

Coughing in children, the cause is not much different from coughing in adults. this is the body's reaction to remove foreign objects or mucus from the respiratory system. Generally, the possible causes include viral or bacterial infections, asthma symptoms, environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, pet hair, etc. A cold is also a condition of a disturbance in the body's respiratory system caused by a virus, the symptoms include frequent sneezing, nasal discharge, poor breathing, hoarseness, etc.

Handling cough and cold conditions in children at home, namely always keeping the child getting enough fluid intake, eating nutritious food, keeping away from trigger factors that can worsen the child's cough condition such as cigarette smoke, dust, and always pay attention to the development of the child's condition, if a fever occurs which is increasing or not getting better even with the administration of fever-lowering drugs, difficulty breathing or breathing faster than usual, the child is pale, the breath sounds after coughing, the child is increasingly fussy, the condition is dehydrated (with symptoms such as dry mouth, dizziness, frequent drowsiness, sunken eyes, slight BAK), and coughing with blood, then immediately have your child checked by a general practitioner or a pediatrician.

Hope this information is useful, thank you.

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