Treatment Of Chipped Fingers Due To Burns?

Illustration of Treatment Of Chipped Fingers Due To Burns?
Illustration: Treatment Of Chipped Fingers Due To Burns?

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Burns are something that must receive medical treatment. Burns can be caused due to various causes such as exposure to fire, being scalded by hot liquids, or due to certain chemicals.

From the situation you are experiencing, if after being exposed to the glue your hands become peeling and discharge like mucus then this may be due to second degree burns. 2nd degree burns hit the outer skin layer, and is not dangerous. Second degree burns can cause symptoms such as pain, redness of the skin, peeling skin, bubbles and discharge. Second-degree burns require treatment using certain ointments, and anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics may be needed if necessary according to later examination by a doctor.

But apart from that, the situation you are experiencing may not be a burn. after being exposed to glue, if the glue is too strong it is usually natural that the skin peels off. Maybe your condition is caused by irritant dermatitis. Irritant dermatitis can occur when the skin comes in contact with an irritating substance, including glue.

several other causes that may cause your condition such as:

Therefore, to determine the cause of the condition you are experiencing, you should check with your doctor first, so that the doctor can check your condition firsthand. thus later the doctor can provide the right therapy for you. It is not recommended that you use any drugs.

In the meantime, wash your hands with running water regularly, using an antiseptic soap regularly. Avoid scratching or peeling off peeling skin. It's important not to smoke.

Here's an article you can read about burns

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