Treatment Of Chronic Lymph Nodes?

Illustration of Treatment Of Chronic Lymph Nodes?
Illustration: Treatment Of Chronic Lymph Nodes?

I have lymph nodes in my neck, no longer lost r nWhen I have a high fever, I can’t eat either r nNow when you sleep on your left side it hurts r n Arriving at the teeth so it hurts to the ears to the head r nTexture hard ky rock taste r nWhether it is dangerous r nDoes it include cancer

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Hello Maida, thank you for asking

Lymph nodes are normally present throughout our body, because one of the functions of lymph nodes is for self-protection or immunity from possible infections that enter our bodies. The easy analogy is soldiers fighting infection that make our bodies less sick, while the manufacturing plant is in the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are mostly found in the area of ​​the head, neck, armpits, and also the groin, because they function to provide protection for important organs and parts of the body that are vulnerable to infection entry into the body.

Enlarged lymph nodes indicate that an infection has entered the body, and usually the infected site will enlarge the nearby lymph nodes, because the lymph nodes that are closer together work harder to fight the infecting germs. These enlarged lymph nodes are also called inflamed lymph nodes / lymphadenitis. Lymphadenitis can be caused by various kinds of infections, which can be viral, bacterial, fungal or paraasitic infections. There are several patients who have risk factors for lymphadenitis, such as:

often suffer from upper respiratory tract infections, sore ears, sore throat, eye pain / conjunctivitis
someone with poor oral health / undergoing dental treatment
frequent contact with pets or livestock
history of consumption of certain drugs such as penctoin

Usually if the lymph nodes are enlarged or inflamed, the patient will feel symptoms such as:

pain in the enlarged lymph nodes
the skin around the lymph nodes becomes redder and feels hot
sometimes discharge, or pus
no appetite
out in a cold sweat

Enlarged lymph nodes are sometimes a sign of a local infection near the enlarged gland, however, not infrequently it is also a sign of other serious diseases that are developing in the body, such as malignancy of the lymph nodes themselves, or other malignancies in the body.

For this reason, it would be better if the enlarged lymph nodes were examined by a doctor or internist in order to find the exact cause of the enlargement. And whether the enlarged gland is still in the safe category, or needs more specific action. Sometimes apart from conducting a medical interview and physical examination, the doctor may need to do other additional examinations in the form of a laboratory check of your blood, or a sample of the lump, or even using imaging methods such as ultrasound, Rongten, or CT scan. The causes that are known early will certainly give better therapeutic results than late treatment because the examination is not done immediately.

Few tips you can do to reduce pain and are temporary, such as:

compress the inflamed gland using a warm compress
do not overexert pressure on the enlarged gland
drink a lot of water
enough rest
strive to maintain good immunity so that it is not susceptible to respiratory infections, maintain oral health, and other infections that can trigger swelling of other lymph nodes.

A few of us hope it is useful, thank you.

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