Treatment Of Colds And Coughs In Infants?

Illustration of Treatment Of Colds And Coughs In Infants?
Illustration: Treatment Of Colds And Coughs In Infants?

Hello, permission to ask, if a baby who has a cough flu is given bonnels on a diffuser, is that okay?

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Hi Yulvani,

I will not discuss a specific product brand but I will discuss the flu treatment. Flu or influenza is a disease caused by influenza virus infection which can cause the following symptoms:

 Nasal Fever Clogged Sneezing Nausea or vomiting Shivering Flu is a self-limiting disease, meaning that this condition can improve on its own without any specific treatment. However, flu that is very severe or lasts longer (> 2 weeks) should still be checked by a doctor in order to get further treatment in accordance with the conditions.

In addition to treating a doctor, you can also take the following steps to manage flu at home:

 Make sure the child is getting enough rest Make sure the child consumes enough fluids Clean hands, mouth or nose with clean tissue and discard after use You can give over-the-counter medicines to help deal with your child's complaints. Use the medication as directed and use it to have your doctor checked immediately if the complaint persists or worsens. Here's the article related to your question:

Flu treatment

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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