Treatment Of Cracked Teeth?

Illustration of Treatment Of Cracked Teeth?
Illustration: Treatment Of Cracked Teeth?

. My front teeth had fine cracks but I didn’t complain and the cracks could only be seen when I checked with the dentist in a flashlight, they said they wanted mineralization. My question is whether my teeth can be fully recovered?

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In patients with cracked teeth, in general, treatment is necessary to prevent side effects and complications from cracked teeth. If not treated properly, the risk of radng, irritation, swelling, pain and broken teeth can occur.

Some treatments for broken teeth can be done by:

1. bonding, which is filling cracks with resin, thereby improving its function

2. Installation of the crown

3. Root canal treatment to strengthen teeth against the risk of structural damage

4. tooth extraction

Therefore, the application of mineral resin is expected to help reduce further tooth decay due to fracture. In addition, the function of the broken tooth will also be better. However, you should also consider reducing the risk of repeated fractures by avoiding the causes and maintaining the health of your teeth.

However, you should still confirm all these possibilities with your dentist. Because the area of ​​the broken tooth needs to be ascertained to what extent or extent, so that with dental examinations and x-rays, you can plan the right treatment for you.

That is the information we can convey, read also broken teeth.

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