Treatment Of Diarrhea In Children 1 Year?

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I’m a mother, when I have a one year old child, he has had diarrhea for three days, he’s been treated, the medicine is given with guanistrep zinc and ORS and then amoxcilin, but the diarrhea is getting worse today. I’ve been to the toilet 17 times. Should I go to the doctor again or not? do you need it?

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Hi Kartika, thank you for your question

Diarrhea in infants cannot be equated with diarrhea experienced by adolescents or adults. Diarrhea is one of the leading causes of infant and under-five mortality due to its complications, namely dehydration (lack of fluids). For this reason, diarrhea in infants should not be underestimated and should immediately receive medical attention.

Here are some causes of diarrhea in babies:

infection, either by parasites, bacteria, or viruses
food poisoning
allergies, either to milk or other foods, or to certain medications

The symptoms of dehydration that should be watched out for and recognized early:

eyes look sunken than usual
dry lips and mucous membranes (mucosa)
when you cry no tears come out
urinate less than usual
baby looks fussy and thirsty (mild dehydration) to weakness and doesn't want to eat/drink (severe dehydration)

Immediately check your baby back to the doctor or hospital. The doctor will determine the cause and severity of your child's diarrhea. If there are signs and symptoms of severe dehydration, your child may require hospitalization using an IV.

While waiting for a doctor's examination and treatment:

make sure the child's fluid needs are met, give ORS every time the child has diarrhea
keep giving breast milk or formula milk that can be consumed by children, you should not change milk when the child has diarrhea
give MPASI that is easy to digest, you should avoid oily, high-fiber, and too sweet foods
consume zinc for up to 10-14 days even if the diarrhea has resolved
keep your hands clean by washing your hands regularly

Hope it's useful

dr. Lili

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