Treatment Of Eye Pain Until Swelling And Discharge Continuously?

Illustration of Treatment Of Eye Pain Until Swelling And Discharge Continuously?
Illustration: Treatment Of Eye Pain Until Swelling And Discharge Continuously? Bing

Good night. I want to ask, I have had sore eyes for a week at first, the symptoms were red, then the next day my eyes were swollen, discharge was persistent and watery. How and what medicine should I use? Thanks

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If you feel red, watery, swollen and sticky eyes for 1 week, then this condition is a long time for you to experience. Especially if you haven't checked with your doctor or your eye doctor.

If this complaint is not immediately consulted to the doctor directly, then your eyes will be more swollen and painful so that it can interfere with your activities and prolong your recovery period.

This complaint may be an inflammation of the eye, can be triggered by a viral infection, bacteria, or due to allergies. Other conditions can also cause the same complaints, such as the entry of a foreign body, or due to trauma to the eye.

Therefore, immediately consult your family doctor or ophthalmologist to determine the cause of this complaint. With direct examination, it is hoped that the doctor can find out the possible cause. So that treatment and care can be given immediately.

I can not give a drug recommendation, because it requires an immediate examination and ascertain the cause.

For now, you can avoid sleeping late, physical exhaustion, and hand contact with your eyes. Use a handkerchief or tissue to treat and clean your eyes.

This is the information we can convey.

Dr. Ulfi

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