Treatment Of Eye Sores, Swelling And Runny?

Illustration of Treatment Of Eye Sores, Swelling And Runny?
Illustration: Treatment Of Eye Sores, Swelling And Runny?

when my pcr cleaned the mascara suddenly, the dry mascara fell into my eyes, because the reflexes were directly used by my hands, then washed with water but still sore, as a result, the white eyeballs seemed to cause small wounds and until now when in use look to the left, it hurts and must be runny and sick scaly, but if you look to the right it doesn’t hurt at the scaly, at first it was only reddish but now it has started to swell. Have been taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatory, and I have had eye drops with cendo eye drops but it still hurts there hasn’t been any decrease in pain. What steps should I do or there is a possibility that the dry mascara sticks into the eye. Thank you 🙏

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Most likely there are mascara beads attached to your friend's conjunctival lining. The conjunctival layer is the outer layer of the eyeball that covers the white part of the eyeball to the inner eyelid. Under these conditions, antibiotics are not the right medicine. The handling that must be done is by lifting the attached granules. Therefore, immediately bring your friend to consult an ophthalmologist. The doctor will conduct a medical interview and continue a physical examination of the eye. Ophthalmologists have a special examination tool that can enlarge the size of the eye so that foreign objects are more easily seen and taken. The examination is called the slit lamp. After the foreign object is taken, the doctor will prescribe eye drops containing antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and painkillers. Antibiotics are given to prevent future infections. This is because foreign bodies most likely have caused the conjunctival layer to erode, making them more susceptible to infection.
Do not procrastinate, this is because it can cause more damage so it is more difficult to treat. Especially the very risk of experiencing decreased visual ability due to foreign objects on the cornea layer. The corneal layer is the outer layer that lines the black part of the eyeball. If a foreign body injures the corneal lining, scar tissue can form which will block vision. In addition, the presence of foreign objects is also very risky to cause eye infections.
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