Treatment Of Fungal Infections That Don’t Go Away?

Illustration of Treatment Of Fungal Infections That Don’t Go Away?
Illustration: Treatment Of Fungal Infections That Don’t Go Away?

Is it enough if you are exposed to tinea to consume itraconazole tablets, ceirizine tablets, miconazole cream? r nIf you still don’t get better, are there any other drugs?

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Tinea or ringworm is a fungal skin infection. Can attack all parts of the body. However, it most often attacks areas of the body that are moist due to sweat such as the creases of the breasts and groin. The risk of experiencing this disease increases in obese people, the habit of wearing tight clothes, not changing damp clothes, the habit of using towels alternately with other people and others.

The skin that has tinea will look like round reddish patches, with active margins and in the middle it looks like healed skin. These patches feel very itchy. Can be accompanied by infection due to scratching wounds contaminated with bacteria.

This tinea treatment takes a long time reaching 2 to 4 weeks. Treatment is carried out using anti-fungal ointments or creams for the first two weeks. This ointment or cream anti-fungal medication is applied to the patches up to 2 cm past the edge of the active spot. If there is no improvement or there is a slight improvement, the doctor will add anti-fungal tablets. The doctor will also prescribe anti-itching drugs such as Cetirizine.

Some suggestions I can give you:

1. Re-control to the doctor who treated you previously if you have used the prescribed medicine for 2 weeks regularly. Doctors need to find the cause of failure in providing therapy.

2. Wash and iron all clothes, towels and bed linens regularly.

3. Clean the skin of the ringworm more often than before.

4. Change any damp clothing.

5. Use loose clothing.

6. Do not scratch the spots, because it can spread to other parts of the skin and other people, otherwise it can cause wounds infected with germs found on the nails.

7. Wash your hands before and after applying the medicine.

So, hopefully it's useful.

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