Treatment Of Gout Allopurinol.?

Illustration of Treatment Of Gout Allopurinol.?
Illustration: Treatment Of Gout Allopurinol.?

Hello, I want to ask my aunt aged 68 with gout, have taken allupurinol with 2 other types of drugs (once took 3 types of drugs) and matched the 2 types, but he forgot his name, is it true that alupurinol is taken with other prescriptions huh? Thank you

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Hello Aciana,

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Need to be clear, when was the last time your aunt checked her uric acid levels? What is the exact level of uric acid? Are there any complaints that he experienced regarding the high uric acid levels? What medicines other than allopurinol do your aunt take? Are allopurinol and other drugs the doctor who prescribed it directly?

High uric acid levels in the blood (hyperuricemia) often occur due to the inability of the kidneys to efficiently eliminate uric acid. The reason could be due to excessive consumption of foods high in purines, obesity, diabetes, side effects of drugs (especially diuretics or steroids), alcohol consumption, hypothyroidism, kidney disorders, and genetic (hereditary). If not treated properly, this condition can trigger inflammation in the joints, to the formation of kidney stones.

Handling of high uric acid levels can be done by administering a variety of drugs, depending on the phase of the disease (acute or not), its severity (uric acid levels in the blood), as well as clinical symptoms that arise. Often, indeed uric acid-lowering drugs (including allopurinol) do not prescribe the doctor alone, but combined with several types of drugs or other supplements.

Unfortunately, you do not explain exactly what drug your aunt consumes, so we are not authorized to judge the accuracy of the drug to be taken together with allopurinol. Better, consult it directly with your doctor or internal medicine specialist who treats your aunt.

In addition to undergoing treatment as advised by your doctor, so that uric acid levels are more controlled, you should encourage your aunt to better control her diet, including drinking more water, not consuming alcohol, limiting consumption of meat, fish, and poultry, and always keep your weight so as not to be overweight. Do not forget, avoid carelessly consuming other drugs without direct advice from a doctor.

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