Treatment Of Heart Valve Disorders Accompanied By Heart Pain And Palpitations?

Illustration of Treatment Of Heart Valve Disorders Accompanied By Heart Pain And Palpitations?
Illustration: Treatment Of Heart Valve Disorders Accompanied By Heart Pain And Palpitations?

I am a 17-year-old student, often feeling palpitated to feel pain in the heart. I’ve also had echocardiography, he said, my heart valve is slightly bent. What medications should be taken when symptoms appear? and what medicine should be taken for a day? Thank you in advance,.

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Hello Kayonna Alila,

Angina pectoris is chest pain associated with interruption of blood supply and oxygen to the heart muscle. Angina pectoris can occur due to atherosclerosis (narrowing of blood vessels) in coronary heart disease. Typical angina pectoris is characterized by a feeling of binding in the teeth, a feeling like being pressed by a heavy object, or discomfort around the chest. Generally arises after the move, but in severe cases can occur when the patient is resting. In addition, it can also spread pain to the left arm and neck and jaw area.

Heart valve disorders can be part of a congenital heart disease (pre-existing) or acquired (due to infection, hypertension). Heart valve disorder patients without coronary disorders generally do not feel complaints of chest pain (angina). Complaints of patients with heart valve abnormalities are:

Abnormal heart sounds (can be heard using a stethoscope)
Fast tired when on the move
Shortness of breath / shortness of breath during activity or when lying down is supine
Swelling in the lower limbs
Palpitations or irregular heartbeats

The diagnosis of heart valve abnormalities is obtained from a history of complaints, physical examination, and also investigations in the form of echocardiography or cardiac keteterization. Handling of heart valve abnormalities varies, depending on how much abnormalities are caused and the function of the heart itself. In some cases, treatment in the form of watchful waiting - no special action is taken, limited to observing patient complaints, especially in patients who do not give a complaint and only discovered the diagnosis from the results of investigations.

Management of heart valve abnormalities patients include:

Low salt diet
Limit consumption of fluid intake per day
Antithrombotic drugs
Antibiotics if valve abnormalities are due to infection
Diuretics if there are signs of heart failure
Surgery to repair the heart valve
Avoid smoking

If complaints that arise up to chest pain, may need to be ascertained whether or not there is a blockage in the coronary heart. Treatment, of course, must be adjusted to the results of the examination, because these drugs are hard drugs that have severe side effects if consumed carelessly and should not be purchased freely. You are strongly advised to consult first with a cardiologist to determine whether you need special treatment and what types of medications need to be consumed.

Medications that are useful for angina include nitroglycerin, antiplatelet, beta blockers, anticoagulants, calcium channel blockers, and many more. Patients with complaints of angina should immediately seek medical help at the time of the incident. Patients need supportive oxygen delivery and other tests to determine the location of the blockage and the area of ​​the heart that is affected. Angina due to total blockage or large coronary branches can cause permanent heart muscle damage and even death. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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