Treatment Of Heart Valve Stiffness And Preventing Kidney Disease Due To Prolonged Heart Medication?

My father has heart disease. Due to radiotherapy or other factors, the heart valve is stiff. Is there a treatment method? How do you prevent kidney disease from taking heart medication continuously?

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The heart valve is one of the important heart structures. The heart valves act as doors that keep the blood in the heart flowing properly. There are 4 valves in the heart, these valves separate the spaces between the heart and also the large blood vessels (the aortic artery that goes to the rest of the body and the blood vessels from the lungs). A stiff heart valve is referred to as heart valve stenosis. This disease causes blood not to flow to the next room or throughout the body (depending on which valve is experiencing stiffness). This disease can be caused by various conditions, such as aging, chronic, untreated high blood pressure, heart failure, heart muscle disorders (cardiomyopathy), etc. Symptoms of this disease include heart rhythm disturbances, chest pain, tightness, and swelling of the legs / ankles and abdomen. This disease is generally found from the results of listening to the sound of the heartbeat and in addition to other examinations, such as a heart record examination (EKG), heart ultrasound (echocardiography), etc.

Treatment of heart valve stiffness varies and cannot be generalized to all patients, depending on the patient's health condition (presence of other accompanying diseases), severity, and cause. Generally, the drugs consist of diuretic class drugs (drugs that function to remove fluid from the bloodstream and body tissues so as to relieve the burden on the heart), beta-blockers which function to slow the heart rate, anti-arrhythmia groups to control heart rhythm, drugs anticoagulant group to prevent blood clots in the valve area, and so on. In other conditions, surgery can also be considered in the form of heart valve replacement surgery. To find out what treatment is most appropriate for your father, we suggest that you discuss it with the heart doctor who treats your father, because after all he knows better about your father's health condition because he was the one who examined your father directly.

Regarding kidney disease that you ask, it is necessary to clarify in advance what kidney disease you mean. There are many types of kidney disease, such as kidney infections, kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease (there are many cysts / fluid filled sacs in the kidneys), acute kidney failure, chronic kidney disease, etc. For kidney infections and kidney stones, prevention can be in the form of consuming enough water and avoiding the habit of holding back urination. For chronic kidney disease which is mainly caused by diabetes and high blood pressure, prevention is to treat diabetes and high blood pressure, namely by taking drugs (hypertension drugs or diabetes medications) regularly and improving your style. life (regular exercise, limit sodium intake, limit calorie intake, etc.).

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