Treatment Of Hemorrhoids That Never Heal?

Illustration of Treatment Of Hemorrhoids That Never Heal?
Illustration: Treatment Of Hemorrhoids That Never Heal?

Kmrin discarded the forced chapter after that on his anal wall was swollen and given Ardium sm Mefinal 500 drug and his ointment healed while the Cinchocaine HCI Polycresulent and did not heal well Doctor and I had to do it and had to buy what was effective to make the swelling to the side of the anal wall heal and disappear. I’m giving a doctor

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Hello Wayan,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clear, have you checked your husband to the doctor? Are these drugs prescribed directly by the doctor? Is there no improvement at all on your husband's condition after taking the drug?

The passage of hard and large feces can indeed irritate the anal wall, causing the anus to become inflamed. However, this inflammation, if there are no other complications, often will only cause the anus to feel a little pain, tenderness, or itching, not to swell as it continues as your husband experienced.

Swelling in the anus that your husband has experienced, aside from his bowel movements, is more likely to be aggravated by:

Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids, anal vein swelling) Anal fissures (anal wall tears) Other abscesses (anal-filled sacs) Anal cancer (anal tumors in the anus) Prolapse of the rectus (anus that drops out due to weakening of the pelvic wall) sexual), etc. The conditions above, if it does not improve with the initial treatment as you mentioned, should be checked directly to a doctor or surgeon. Depending on the cause, later your husband's condition can be treated with medication or even surgery. At home, the following treatments can be done:

Do not carelessly take the drugs above, if not prescribed directly by the doctor Prevent hard CHAPTER, namely by increasing drinking, not holding bowel movements, multiply eating fruits and vegetables that contain water, be active in sports, do not stress Not too much sitting Sit on a warm pad Do not lift, pull, or push objects that are too heavy. Get plenty of rest Keep your ideal body weight, don't be too fat Don't do anal sex. Hope it helps.

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