Treatment Of Hemorrhoids Without Surgery?

Illustration of Treatment Of Hemorrhoids Without Surgery?
Illustration: Treatment Of Hemorrhoids Without Surgery?

Hello, I have had hemorrhoid several years ago, and when I recurred I usually only took medicine from the pharmacy and the hemorrhoid got smaller again, but a few days ago my hemorrhoid recurred, but it didn’t decrease even though I already took the medicine that I used to use when relapsing , then symptoms often appear to defecate, sting in the stomach when defecating, and bleed when defecating, because I push too hard, new lumps appear in my anus, but the lumps shrink back and enter the anus when I go back to taking the drug Pharmacy, but hemorrhoid lumps I am the old one, even slightly blackened, then slightly enlarged and appear irritated, maybe due to irritation, but it only shrinks a little when I take medicine. Do I have to go through surgery? Or is there another way without having to have surgery? I see on the internet enough to smear ointments, soak in warm water, and compress ice cubes, then what ointment suits me? I have no history of any illness unless I have had a hernia removal operation, thank you in advance, hopefully the Doctor understands what I mean

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Hello, thanks for the question.

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are complaints that are experienced by many people, especially in the elderly and pregnant women. In addition, hemorrhoids are also influenced by environmental factors and habits, such as the work environment where often lifting heavy objects that increase pressure in the abdomen, rarely eat fibrous foods, and so forth. In hemorrhoids there is swelling or enlargement of blood vessels in the end of the large intestine and anus / rectum which is allegedly related to increased pressure in the blood flow in or around the anus, causing inflammation and swelling of blood vessels in the area. This will cause complaints in the form of a lump out of the anus, bowel bleeding, with or without pain, etc. Treatment of hemorrhoids itself depends on the severity. If the lumps that come out can not be put back, do not respond with drugs, or have caused complaints that are felt to be disturbing and cause clinical disorders, such as lack of blood or anemia, your doctor may recommend operating procedures. Therefore you should consult your doctor first, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination and determine the appropriate treatment according to your current condition. Ointment and soaking in warm water is not the main therapy in the treatment of hemorrhoids, the method is only to reduce complaints. For fixed handling / definitive fixed with the method of operation. To reduce complaints, you can try to:

Do sitz bath (soaking the anal area with warm water) for 15-20 minutes 3 times a day
Avoid activities that increase pressure in the abdominal area, such as lifting heavy loads, coughing, etc.
Expand to eat fibrous foods
Fluid consumption of at least 2L / day
Do not straining too hard when defecating, defecating in a half-squat position (lifting and resting legs on a small chair while defecating on the toilet seat) can help the stool removal
Avoid the habit of delaying bowel movements
Compress the anal area with cold compresses with ice wrapped in a cloth 10-15 minutes, several times a day to reduce swelling, pain, and itching.

Thus, hopefully useful.

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