Treatment Of Hypertension, Obesity, Gout And High Cholesterol?

Illustration of Treatment Of Hypertension, Obesity, Gout And High Cholesterol?
Illustration: Treatment Of Hypertension, Obesity, Gout And High Cholesterol?

Hello Doctor .. u003cbr u003eI am 29 years old, I am suffering from Obesity with a weight of 140kg. Height 173cm .. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003eMany diseases that I suffered, I suffered from hypertension for years .. but the incident was very regrettable. I was in 2011 … and maybe at that time I was very stupid .. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003e I’m a person who is lazy to seek treatment …. because I feel insecure / lazy to leave the house / and so on … so that when I was 22/23 I had a fever, I just compressed my forehead using ice cubes without the slightest cloth / towel … after before I took 1 tablet of medicine Antalgin by eating only a piece of white bread before it … without knowing what the cause of the pain was, the important thing was that my fever dropped, I thought … but I remember, at that time I liked to eat fried chicken offal from crispy chicken mamang2 near the house, even though I have a history of hypertension with tension 200 / so since high school, when my blood pressure is high, I have a fever and severe dizziness. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003eAnd at that time, bad events began, when my ice cubes put it on the forehead / just after drinking Antalgin, suddenly my heart was pounding … cold sweat pouring out … restlessness … the panic was overwhelming … but I just quickly drank a lot of water in my big bottle until soon, I peed ber times until the heartbeat starts to calm down again .. the fever feels gone … u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003e However, I think I recovered … I didn’t know, u003cbr u003 after the night I felt short of breath, my body is weak and my head feels uncomfortable … I thought I would like to die … ?? .. and the next day I decided to go to the puskesmas … and at that time my tension was 180 / how much I forgot .. I was referred to the hospital by the puskesmas doctor, but I was reluctant … I chose traditional at that time, maybe because of economic limitations too …. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003 after the incident heart palpitations ,. My body started to feel different, when I used to take medicine, my body didn’t take long to feel good .. now what I experienced was different from usual .. My head felt tingling, felt frozen, felt like I was wearing a chip, even though I wasn’t, just a little touch of the head This, the effect is to shortness of breath … cold sweat … pounding again … especially if I hit something … I get shocked … just heard tense stories, my heart was fluttering amazing … accompanied by panic Anxious, restless and uneasy anyway .. I get tired easily … Praying was not strong, even 2 cycles of pounding felt like I was going to die … … I couldn’t raise my own hands … my hands are also big … even talking feels like a lot of fatigue … it’s very heavy … every day I have shortness of breath … when I sleep I feel like I want to faint … sometimes my heart likes to beat suddenly sometimes it hurts …. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003eDan For many years, about 5 years I suffered like that I was forced to restarted medical treatment. In 2015, if I’m not mistaken … and try to check the blood, I agree because I really want to get well and when I check the blood, when the blood from my arm is sucked from the syringe, it feels a little nice … my body is warm and a little sweaty. . . and as usual my tension was at 200 …. high cholesterol … uric acid too …. finally I was referred back to the hospital u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003e When I got home after I said I felt good when the blood was taken, my shortness of breath recurred again … accompanied by like there was something stuck in the forehead area to the nose and jaw ….. it felt like there was pressure … in the area of ​​the nose behind the nose … the pain is uncomfortable, feels like drinking cola but different … it feels like in my teeth there is a rope that is stuck but that’s not it … it’s hard to tell … at first it was like something was slowly moving inside my head I don’t know fat or what certain obstruction happened after my blood was drawn or after taking the 25mg Captopril … . .and this feels even more pronounced right after taking other hypertension drugs like Captopril etc … feels like a moment after peeing repeatedly because of the diuretic medicine …. it feels like when I consume other blood pressure-reducing fruits … it doesn & apos; t seem calm, not anxious, not pounding and all kinds of things ,,. but the problem is the pressure on this forehead / nose / jaw. which makes it uncomfortable until now … I often read on the internet, he said that the symptoms like this will soon have a stroke … I am so shocked … maybe people rarely experience this … … that’s it, if not shortness of breath, heart pain, sometimes the leg area is very sore … I feel like there is a blockage in my blood circulation …. . So until now I write this story I still feel it …. Either since my forehead was put on an ice cube or it was because my hypertension was acute, but weeks before I had this incident, symptoms such as shortness of breath were a bit then feeling restless. I have never experienced it comfortable, but I ignore it, even I can still run normally in the yard because I like to play balls like little juggling and I’ve missed it for a long time …: ‘( u003cbr u003e u003cbr Since I was treated at the hospital, with a clogged condition, there was a blockage in the forehead … I was given the essential medicine Diovan novartis 80mg and Amlodipine 10mg, which if I run out of medicine I have to check up again … give the Diovan medicine (the morning before eating Amlodipine and Diovan eaten after lunch) the blockages that I experience feel a little different … there is a reaction like the condition I used to be right before I was sick … for example when I stood up , I feel dizzy with fireflies .. blurred vision after that no longer … like that. . .but the pressure on the forehead of the nose is still not lost … until I run out of medicine, I should check up, stupid me … I’m lazy to go to the hospital again … plus the distance is pretty good …. plus my body is insecure when riding a public vehicle I decided to stop medical treatment …. but Diovan Novartis I still remember … u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003eAnd until now I have written, I also have a small lump on my back like a small balloon that looks like a lipoma when I look on the internet, but if I touch it or just press it a little, I immediately dry cold … anxious … a little like the reaction of my head if the wall is hit … uncomfortable … because my blood pressure is too high or something so I am very sensitive like I have no resistance … in the calf area … if you touch it just a little … the feeling is not very comfortable … it seems like the blood vessels are about to burst but I don’t know why … … even if you just hold your breath a little, an uncomfortable reaction appears again … I’m afraid my blood vessels will burst .. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003eAnd the question is, can I recover ?? … What is the pressure on my head ?? … why is the lump on my back? … and why am I so sensitive ?? … is there any other medicine that I can take ?? … ,, is it okay if I consume diovan novartis 80mg again ?? … . the point is that there is no pressure on this forehead that even likes to think about whether it can be operated on ?? … I want to get back to health like before. . want to work … want a sports diet too … want to be like most people πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

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Hello Nozira,

Your anxiety is understandable. Of course, you are worried that the current disease can endanger you, and various complaints that still exist even after treatment, plus other problems such as distance to the hospital, insecurity to leave the house, and so on.

Treatment of hypertension, obesity, uric acid and high cholesterol requires discipline and patience in treatment, because these disorders cannot be cured immediately. Need constant control, high motivation from yourself and also support from family.

There is a primary hypertension, some secondary. Primary hypertension is hypertension of unknown cause, thought to be related to genetic factors. Meanwhile, secondary hypertension is hypertension due to other underlying diseases, such as kidney disease, hormonal disorders, disorders of the brain, and so on.

Obesity increases the risk of primary hypertension. 30 percent of primary hypertension has something to do with obesity. Obesity is also a source of many metabolic problems, including high uric acid and high cholesterol. Excess fat in obesity also wraps around the organs so that their function can decrease.

Regarding the question of whether it can be cured or not, of course hypertension can be controlled, especially considering your young age, but it is necessary to take action as soon as possible before further organ damage occurs. Keep in mind that blood pressure that is allowed to continue to be high can damage various organs, including the heart and kidneys. Plus, high cholesterol can form blockages in the heart and brain that can lead to heart disease and stroke.

The most beneficial action at this time is a combination of drug consumption along with efforts to lose weight. Research suggests that a 1 kg weight loss in obesity is known to lower blood pressure by about 1 mmHg, so weight loss is very important in this regard.

Don't be lazy to go to the hospital because your condition really needs treatment. Do not take hypertension medication without your doctor's advice, unless your doctor advises you to continue. You should immediately see a specialist in internal medicine.

Putting an ice cube on your forehead in the past has nothing to do with the current state, so you don't have to think about it over and over. If you are worried, better motivate yourself to get better with diet, exercise, and medication.

The lump on your back may be due to a lipoma, which is a lump of fat origin. But bumps on the back can also be caused by other things, such as atheroma cysts (due to blockage of oil glands) or other tumors. The need for treatment or not should be checked directly by a doctor.

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