Treatment Of Hyperthyroidism And Its Relation To Fertility?

Illustration of Treatment Of Hyperthyroidism And Its Relation To Fertility?
Illustration: Treatment Of Hyperthyroidism And Its Relation To Fertility?

Hello, I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, I just dared to go to the hospital to check my health 3 days ago, while I have felt the symptoms from 2016 to 2018, here are the questions: r n r n1. Is my hyperthyroid status dangerous? whose symptoms have been from 2016 to 2018, or maybe it could turn into thyroid cancer? or does hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer have nothing to do with it? because I’m still normal to be able to eat food. r n r n2. Is it necessary to cure hyperthyroidism for years with the consequences of infertility? R n r n3. I was given the drug Cravit Levofloxacin 500MG once a day, Sanmom Paracetamol 500MG 3 times a day, Propanolol 10MG 3 times a day 1/2 tablet, and Propylthiouracil 100MG 3 times a day 2 tablets, and I want to drink Dancow Fortigro Enriched Full Cream milk, how are the tips on timing Or maybe the medicine I am taking is actually contrasting diction with milk?

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Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which there is an increase in thyroid hormone levels in the body. Thyroid hormone itself is a hormone normally produced by the thyroid gland.

If you have hyperthyroidism, then it should be examined and treated directly by a doctor. To determine whether your hyperthyroidism is dangerous or not, it depends on your thyroid hormone levels. so you should ask the doctor who treats you directly about your thyroid levels. Uncontrolled or too high thyroid can cause several complications such as heart rhythm disturbances, impaired heart function, enlarged heart, and decreased consciousness. In addition, determining whether thyroid disease is severe or not cannot be based on swallowing function. Not all hyperthyroid neck enlargement.

Hyperthyroidism itself can be caused due to various causes, for example due to primary disorders of the thyroid organ or abnormalities in the brain. Disorders of the thyroid organ itself can be in various forms, one of which is thyroid cancer which can cause an increase in thyroid hormone levels. so to determine it, additional examinations are needed such as an ultrasound examination or a biopsy.

to cure hyperthyroidism, treatment is needed for a certain period of time (usually takes a long time). Taking hyperthyroid medication does not cause infertility. However, drugs such as propanolol in some instances can cause impotence, but this is rare, besides that your doctor may replace propanolol with other drugs that you feel there are these side effects.

You can consume milk during hyperthyroid treatment, you can consume milk within 2 hours of the medicine you are taking. you can drink milk 1-2 times a day.

therefore, it is recommended that you carry out routine control to your doctor, so that the doctor can monitor the progress of your condition directly and periodically.

here's an article you can read about the thyroid

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