Treatment Of Itchy, Red And Swollen Skin?

Illustration of Treatment Of Itchy, Red And Swollen Skin?
Illustration: Treatment Of Itchy, Red And Swollen Skin?

Assalamu’alaiku wr.wb, I want to ask if I have a complaint on my skin, the first time I went to the community health center, I immediately asked for an injection for a month to recover but came back again, already some medicines have healed only a day, later there will be side effects from the drug? How do I want to recover

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Hello Agil,

Rashes on the skin can arise from many possible causes where some of the causes cannot be completely cured but can be managed so that they do not recur too much. Some of the causes of rashes on the skin include:

Allergic reactions or hives
Skin inflammation or dermatitis

Insect bites
Yeast infection
Prickly heat
Bacterial infection
Viral infections such as smallpox or herpes

For this reason, it is important to pay attention to what conditions trigger symptoms such as cold weather, exposure to allergens such as dust, chemicals, certain clothing materials, certain foods or drinks and what relieves them. In addition, several efforts can be made to reduce the symptoms that arise, including by avoiding trigger factors, taking antihistamine drugs, using salicylic powder or calamine lotion, avoiding wearing tight clothes, staying in a cool room.

The injection given can contain antihistamines or corticosteroids to relieve symptoms but not to completely cure it. Therefore, it is better to re-examine the doctor or dermatologist if the complaint recurs so that the cause is known. Pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene and other factors in order to prevent symptoms from recurring.

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