Treatment Of Kidney Swelling?

Illustration of Treatment Of Kidney Swelling?
Illustration: Treatment Of Kidney Swelling?

Hello doctor, want to ask. According to a specialist in internal medicine, I experienced kidney swelling. That can be known after I do a blood check, urine u0026amp; Ultrasound. According to the doctor, my kidney experienced swelling due to the presence of crystals that block the functioning of the kidney.

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Swelling of the kidney is called hydronephrosis in its medical language. This condition occurs due to obstruction of the flow of urine or urine from the kidneys to the bladder. This condition is a secondary condition, where there are diseases that cause it, one of which is the presence of crystals or stones.
The treatment is to remove the clogged crystals, can with drugs and medical measures. The choice of therapy depends on the size of the stone or crystal. If the size is less than 6 mm, then the patient can take medication and drink lots of water to remove it. However, if the size is more than 6 mm, the main therapeutic choice is through medical treatment. This is because it can cause urinary tract injuries if expended using drugs. The medical actions that can be taken are:
1. ESWL (electrocorporeal shock wave lithotripsy), which is by using high-frequency sound waves to break stones so that they can come out easily with urine.
2. Ureteroscopy, which uses a small, soft and flexible hose equipped with a camera to be inserted into the ureter so that the doctor can break the stone and remove it.
3. Percutaneous nephrolitotomy, actions taken on stones with a larger size, which is more than 2 cm, which cannot be overcome with ESWL.
4. Open surgery, if the stone is very large.
Well, you should re-discuss this with the treating doctor. The size of the stones and other accompanying diseases found in the kidneys and their channels form the basis of which therapies can be chosen and performed.
Meanwhile, you still have to consume lots of drinking water, which is at least 6-8 glasses of water every day.
Thus hopefully useful.

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