Treatment Of Leaking Eardrum Surgery Scars?

Illustration of Treatment Of Leaking Eardrum Surgery Scars?
Illustration: Treatment Of Leaking Eardrum Surgery Scars?

hello, I have finished operating the hole in the drum, how do I keep my ears dry and what if it’s already wet?

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Hello, Brahmantika.

Thank you for the question, before answering about postoperative eardrum care, I will explain a little about a ruptured eardrum first.

A ruptured eardrum is a condition where there is a tear or hole in the eardrum that limits the outer ear area and the middle ear area. Rupture of the eardrum can be caused by many things, including infection (otitis media), trauma (blows, accidents, due to cleaning the ear with a cotton bud that is too deep), pressure difference (barotrauma), etc. Symptoms that can appear include decreased hearing, discharge from the ear, ear aches and pains, etc. However, the eardrums can actually come together again after 6-8 weeks, but there are several things that can be done besides waiting for the eardrums to heal on their own, including giving painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol so that the pain complaints do not get worse, patching the ear holes with paper specifically to speed up the healing process, surgery (tympanoplasty). If the rupture of the eardrum is caused by an infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics, either drops or drinking to prevent and treat the infection that occurs.

During treatment, it is best to keep the ears dry to help the recovery process and prevent the risk of recurring infections. Treatments that can be done include using earplugs / special tools so that they can prevent water from entering when bathing, avoiding activities / sports such as swimming that risk getting water into the ears, resisting the urge to clean the ears to avoid the risk of repeated trauma or the entry of dirt. ear deeper inside the ear canal.

If during the treatment period you feel discomfort in your ears, both pain, itching and others and your ears are already wet and feel uncomfortable, then you should be able to go to an ENT doctor directly. The doctor will be able to see and examine the condition in your ear directly, how is the condition of the ear canal to the eardrum and if special treatment is needed, the doctor can immediately carry it out.

This is the information we can provide, thank you and hope it helps.

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