Treatment Of Left Femur Fracture Due To Accident?

Illustration of Treatment Of Left Femur Fracture Due To Accident?
Illustration: Treatment Of Left Femur Fracture Due To Accident? Bing

Hello, yesterday I had an accident that broke my left thigh bone, during the incident there was no bleeding or my bone came out, it’s just that my thigh became big and I also didn’t faint. Yesterday after surgery, a pen was put on by the doctor, but my left leg is tingling, is that normal? Then will it be the same as the one on the right? I’m afraid it’s different. And what are the tips for learning to walk, and what foods should be consumed to recover quickly? Thank you

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Hi Dz. Zaeni26.. Thank you for the questions given.

Fractures can occur as a result of a fall, a hard impact, or a sports injury. The treatment itself depends on the results of direct examination, the results of X-rays so that the type of fracture can also be determined. From a definite diagnosis, appropriate treatment can be chosen, one of which is pen installation surgery. The goal of this procedure is to reposition the bone back into position; avoid damage to muscles, blood vessels, and nerves around the area of ​​the broken bone; restrict movement to speed healing.

Fracture healing can take several weeks to several months depending on the type of fracture, nutrition, wound care, and mobilization. In the process of recovering a broken bone, it is normal for you to experience pain after surgery. Pain can come from the area around the fracture that swells, due to stitches during surgery, this is normal so you don't need to worry. Doctors generally have given pain medication after your surgery. In addition, nutrients are also needed to speed up the healing process. For example: foods that are high in protein (eggs, milk, meat, nuts, seafood), and calcium. Also avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. During this initial recovery process, avoid treading or doing strenuous activities. Over time your surgeon will recommend rehabilitation so you will practice walking again and be able to use your left leg as usual. Don't forget to routinely control and avoid the wound being exposed to water so that it can help the recovery process.

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