Treatment Of Liver And Hernias In The Elderly?

Illustration of Treatment Of Liver And Hernias In The Elderly?
Illustration: Treatment Of Liver And Hernias In The Elderly?

Good afternoon. So, here it is. My grandfather just had Hernia surgery. And after being diagnosed again there was Liver disease. So what do you do? While my grandfather’s former operation has not dried up. Do you have to get surgery again? I fear that it will get worse. Thanks.

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Hello Rani, Thank you for the question.

Do you know the doctor's diagnosis? Do you know the liver disease referred to by the doctor? There are several health conditions that can cause interference with liver function, for example:

liver cyst
liver abscess
heart cancer

The handling of each of the conditions mentioned above varies and does not always take the form of an operation. Because the information you provided is unclear, I'm sorry I cannot provide more information about your grandfather's condition.

In general, if your grandfather's liver condition requires surgery, the doctor will do an examination first to assess the general condition of your grandfather. This examination is needed to determine the risk of surgery on your grandfather. If your grandfather is in an unfavorable condition which makes surgery impossible, then this surgery can be postponed unless this operation is an emergency operation (if not done it can be life-threatening). Please you and your family ask what liver disease is meant by the doctor and discuss with your doctor about the next appropriate treatment for the condition.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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