Treatment Of Loose Nails Due To Falling On The Table?

Tonight, I want to ask. So about 3 days ago my toe was crushed by the table and was bleeding, but there wasn’t too much bleeding. At first I only felt pain, but why now my toenails are partly like they don’t blend with my thumb and my thumb is now red and swollen. What is the right way to handle nails like this? Do you have to pull out the nails or what?

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Hello Nida, thanks for asking.

When nails are blunt injuries often bleed well under the nails or on the skin around the nails. Bleeding can be more or less dependent on the strength of the injury. Injury can also cause damage and death of the tissue under the nail. Partial removal of your nails may be a sign that the tissue under the nail is dying so that it is detached from the nail.

When the nail is detached from the underlying tissue, the nail will slowly die and come off completely. Sometimes the nails only partially die so they don't come off completely. In such events, nails that die over time will be driven by the growth of new nails from below.

If your nails don't get infected, then you just have to keep your nails clean and let the nails get pushed by new nails. If the nail is infected, you should consult a doctor so that the extraction can be done. Infected nails generally cause symptoms of swelling, redness, suppuration, and pain.

Hope this answer helps yes. Regards.

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