Treatment Of Lumps In The Genitals?

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at noon Time on December 29, 2017 I had sex by a sex worker without using a condom. After having sex, there were no clear symptoms in me.. As soon as there was a lump in my genitals I started getting suspicious. As soon as I went to the clinic, I had PMS during my 5 days of treatment. After the treatment is complete, the lesions on my genitals have not disappeared. Do you have a vote against HIV or not, please explain

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Having sex with a partner who is at risk such as sex workers is indeed one of the risk factors for a person contracting HIV. However, this cannot be confirmed without further examination.
Genital lumps are caused by a variety of causes, such as:

• Genital warts
• Bacterial infection
• Fungal infection / candidiasis
• Allergic reactions to certain ingredients such as soaps, detergents, and others
• Prickly heat
• Chicken pox
• Scabies
• Flea infection
• Sexually transmitted disease

It is difficult to determine the cause of your complaint without doing an examination. Considering that the complaints you are experiencing have not improved, I suggest to re-examine with a dermatologist and venereal specialist. The doctor will carry out further examinations such as physical and supporting examinations so that the exact cause of your complaint can be determined. The right treatment will be given according to the cause of the complaint you are experiencing.

Some suggestions that you can do include:
• Wear underwear or clothes made of cotton
• Avoid wearing pants that are too tight
• Limit the use of soap that contains fragrance on the intimate organs, use a mild soap
• Change pants when they are wet with sweat or when they are damp
• Implement a healthy lifestyle with adequate rest and regular exercise and maintain a balanced diet

That's my answer, hope it helps.
Regards, Dr. Sylvia

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