Treatment Of Lung Infections In Infants?

Illustration of Treatment Of Lung Infections In Infants?
Illustration: Treatment Of Lung Infections In Infants?

Hello doctor, r n My baby from the age of 2 days has been treated in the trigger room r nBecause of a lung infection, now it’s been 8 days r nIts change is better. R nRespiration of breath between 60-80. R nWhat is my baby can be treated until healed, how much? r nThe hope can be completely healed

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Lung infections in newborns usually occur due to bronchhopneumonia. This condition reflects an inflammation that occurs in the air sacs in the lungs which causes the sufferer to experience respiratory problems. The cause of this condition can be due to infection (such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, or other microorganisms) or also aspiration (the introduction of foreign substances other than air into the airway). Symptoms that arise from this condition can vary, ranging from mild to severe and require intensive care as your baby experiences.

Due to inflammation in the lungs, respiratory function can be disrupted. This will cause the baby to breathe faster (normally, babies less than 6 months old breathe 30 to 60 times per minute) to compensate for tissue oxygen demand. Not only that, bronchhopneumonia also often causes the baby to appear limp, shortness of breath, fever, excessive sweating, mental confusion, nausea, vomiting, chills, and decreased consciousness.

With good care, pneumonia can often be cured. As for the potential for this cure, and how long the duration of healing can vary greatly depending on the severity of the disease and also your baby's condition. Without conducting a direct examination, of course it is very difficult for us to identify this.

As parents, we recommend that you be patient about your baby's condition. Multiply consult directly with your doctor or pediatrician who treats your baby regarding the condition of your baby, including the best treatment that needs to be done to improve his condition. With the competence and experience they have, of course the doctor will make the best for your baby.

There are no specific suggestions we can recommend. Most important, multiply surrender to God Almighty. Don't be tired of praying. And entrust your baby's handling directly to the experts, the doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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