Treatment Of Measles On Hands And Feet Hot Baby 2 Months?

Illustration of Treatment Of Measles On Hands And Feet Hot Baby 2 Months?
Illustration: Treatment Of Measles On Hands And Feet Hot Baby 2 Months?

Afternoons, my child is 2 months old, my child has measles on the palm of the hand and the sole of the foot is hot … how do I give the medicine while my child is only 2 months and what is the cure

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Hello Melda,

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Need to be clear, have you checked your child to the doctor and diagnosed with measles? Are there certain medications that doctors give?

Measles (measles) occurs due to a viral infection that spreads through the respiratory tract. This condition often causes babies to experience fever, redness of the skin rashes, watery eyes, muscle and joint pain, rashes in the oral cavity, weakness, fussiness, difficulty eating and drinking, and tend to be more difficult to sleep. Because of this fever, obviously the baby's hands and feet will feel hot.

If you have checked your baby to the doctor and diagnosed with measles, of course the doctor has also given treatment. In measles treatment, if the patient still has a fever, often the doctor will also provide heat-lowering drugs for consumption, coupled with several other types of drugs.

However, if in fact you have never checked your baby to the doctor, you should not make conclusions too early. Because, not infrequently, measles symptoms can be very similar to other diseases, for example scarlatina fever, Singapore flu, dengue fever, miliaria with secondary infections, atopic dermatitis with secondary infections, and so on. In fact, each of these conditions may not necessarily have the same treatment.

Therefore, we suggest, so that your baby's condition improves, consult him directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be given the best treatment, yes. To help alleviate his complaints, the following steps you can do:

Give the baby more breast milk Increase direct contact (skin to skin) with the baby Give the baby clothes that warm and absorb sweat Compress the neck and armpits of the baby with warm water Do not carelessly give the baby the medicine without a prescription Keep the baby's personal hygiene and the surrounding environment Hope it helps yes..

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