Treatment Of Mild Hemorrhoids?

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, I’m Nafilah, 18 years old female, my first complaint was that my chapter was bleeding but only 1 drop, so it went on for 2 times in different periods, then yesterday and today my chapter was bleeding quite a lot, until finally I noticed a lump in my neck. my anus, after finishing the lump the lump disappeared, according to what I read it was possible that my hemorrhoids had reached degree 2, according to the doctor what medicine should I buy at the pharmacy? Thank you in advance

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Dear Nafilah,

Haemorrhoids are a condition in which there is swelling or inflammation of the veins around the lower anus. This condition usually arises as a result of the habit of straining during bowel movements.

Hemorrhoids themselves have levels based on the symptoms that appear, namely:

Grade 1: blood in the stool or there are drops of fresh red blood during bowel movements, where the treatment is by changing diet and giving topical medications, suppositories and drinking drugs Grade 2: lumps that come out every bowel movement but can enter on their own when you stop pushing, in where the treatment is by taking medication to reduce swelling and changes in diet Grade 3: the lump comes out when pressing and needs to be pushed from the outside, complaints of pain when defecating and sitting. Treatment is with surgery. Degree 4: the lump comes out, feels very painful, bleeds and can't be pushed back. Treatment is by surgery Given that there has been quite a lot of bleeding, we strongly recommend that you go to a doctor for an examination (directly so that a proper examination can be given so that the appropriate treatment for your condition can be given.

The suggestions we can give regarding the complaints you are experiencing include increasing the consumption of water, making changes to your diet where you consume more fruits and vegetables (foods that are high in fiber), do exercise regularly and avoid the habit of pushing.

Thus the information that we can convey, hopefully this information can be useful to resolve your complaint.

Dr. Taneya Putri Zahra

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