Treatment Of Minus Eyes And Cylindrical Eyes?

Illustration of Treatment Of Minus Eyes And Cylindrical Eyes?
Illustration: Treatment Of Minus Eyes And Cylindrical Eyes?

I want to ask, I’m nauful, a 20-year-old man, when I first learn the letters looking plastic when sitting in front, when studying in class sitting behind the letters doesn’t look blurry, when I check diopters (the optics are already famous, using people “) my right eye is minus 1 cylinder 0.50, and the left one is minus 2.50 cylinder 1, but when checked at the hospital, the recipe is different, the cylinder is gone, so the right eye is minus 1.50 and the left eye is minus 3, so to get accurate prescription, please check dioptic or ophthalmologist? , now I wear prescription glasses from the hospital but it is not comfortable to wear, thanks before

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Good evening Nauful, thanks for asking at Minus eyes and cylindrical eyes are terms that are often used to refer to those who have nearsightedness / myopia and astigmatism. Farsightedness occurs when the image formed by the eye does not lie snugly in the retina or the retina, but in front of it. While astigmatism occurs when there is an uneven surface of the eye or lens, causing refraction of objects between the surface of the eye becomes unequal. This is what causes astigmatism sufferers need special glasses to make it able to see normally.

For the cause itself, so far no definitive cause has been found as to why this condition can occur in a person, although for the risk, it is considered to be increased in those who often see an object at close range (<30 cm), have offspring with similar complaints, and have long eye structure.

Regarding your question, it is sometimes found different prescription eyeglasses in one place to another. This could be due to an inept examiner, unclear examination instructions, or different conditions in your eyes. For example, minus your eyes can be detected higher if your eyes are tired because they have just been used for a long time working, looking at the screen, or lack of sleep. That is why the recommendation is to check your eyes when in the morning or afternoon when your eyes are not tired and when you have just gotten enough sleep.

If the condition is that you feel that the two examinations are actually your eyes are in good condition, then you should use an examination from the eye doctor because the eye doctor is more competent. As for if you feel uncomfortable with the recipe, the recipe is actually only an estimate, not practical, and can still be changed. You will be asked about whether you are comfortable wearing these glasses and if they are uncomfortable, the measurement that will be used in the end is the measurement that is most comfortable for you. So with the present condition where you feel uncomfortable with your glasses, you should go back and do a re-examination. So, hopefully answering your question.

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