Treatment Of Neck Lumps (Thyroid Nodules)?

Illustration of Treatment Of Neck Lumps (Thyroid Nodules)?
Illustration: Treatment Of Neck Lumps (Thyroid Nodules)?

Good evening, please help. NSy Female 29 years and 6 months old. NIt has been a long time since I felt a lump on my neck under my Adam’s apple. nSy has gone to the doctor and asked to have her FT3, FT4, TSHs and USG checked the results: nFT3 1.14 reference value 0.60 – 1.81 nFT4 1.42 Reference value 0.93-1.71 nTSHs 3.53 reference value 0.720-4200 n USG Results: FINDINGS : nRight thyroid: enlarged, diffuse Globulated surface, heteroic coarse parenchyma echo structure. There were no well-defined nodules on the normal parenchyma capsule. Vasculer flow crowded meandering. N Left thyroid: Globulated surface enlarged, diffuse, heteroic rough parenchyma echo structure. There were no well-defined nodules on the normal parenchyma capsule. Vasculer flow is crowded winding. N IMPRESSION: Isthmust Thyroid: also enlarged Diffus n- Second Diffusa Goiter Thyroid especially right n- DD- Thyroiditis (Hashimoto ^ s) disease n n What I feel, Sometimes I have difficulty breathing and swallowing , body temperature erratic but often cold. what I can’t control the most are my emotions, if I am in an emotional state my hands will tremble, and my heart will beat fast and I feel like I’m choking. In some cases I withdraw from my surroundings, shut myself up, and feel like ending my life. nMy questions: n n1. Should it be in Operation? Or is there another Treatment? N2. From these results Will you lift both the left and the right? N3. If raised will my depression-like feelings go away? n4. How will it affect if I am pregnant later in the fetus after thyroid removal? because I’ve read an article about the effects of hormones that cause dwarf children. And I was very scared. N nPlease explain. Thank you

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Hello, thank you for asking

The results of supporting examinations should be explained by the examining doctor, because to diagnose a disease, direct examination is still needed, namely by question and answer and physical examination.

On the impression of the ultrasound results, it is noted that the presence of a diffuse goitre, meaning that the thyroid gland is completely enlarged (diffuse). Goiters are further divided into toxic and nontoxic. Toxic if it causes symptoms of hyperthyroidism in sufferers, such as palpitations, sweating, shaking / tremors, menstrual disorders, weight loss. Nontoxic if the thyroid level is normal or less. If you only refer to your thyroid hormone test results, your thyroid levels are normal.

Not all goiters need surgery. If there is a problem with hyperthyroidism / hypothyroidism, then usually the problem is treated first. The goiter is operated on if:

Toxic diffuse goiters whose treatment fails
Goitre nodosa, suspected cancer / malignancy
There is pressure to the surrounding tissue, for example there is trouble swallowing, hoarseness, difficulty breathing
Cosmetic reasons

Regarding whether to have surgery and whether to remove both you should ask your surgeon. Your surgeon will consider this based on the results of a direct examination.

Depression and goiters are unrelated diseases, but depression can be related to hypothyroidism. If you experience symptoms of depression, you should immediately consult a psychiatrist.

If the thyroid is not completely removed (partial thyroidectomy) then this is nothing to worry about. The remaining thyroid gland can replace the previous work of the thyroid gland so that usually hypothyroidism does not occur. But if you have to have a total thyroidectomy, you should take hormone replacement. Talk to your obstetrician if you plan to become pregnant after your thyroid gland is removed.


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