Treatment Of Patients Suffering From Ischemic Stroke?

Illustration of Treatment Of Patients Suffering From Ischemic Stroke?
Illustration: Treatment Of Patients Suffering From Ischemic Stroke?

hello, I want to ask about ischemic stroke. My father was diagnosed with the disease, initially my father’s high blood pressure reached 180, he was referred to the hospital in the hospital, on the way my father vomited. while in the hospital, his blood pressure always went up and down, and he also had difficulty speaking. what should i do doctor? what about his food, what food can I give to lower and keep his blood pressure stable, and also can this be cured?

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Hello Fitri Nurfajrina,

Hypertension is a disease of high blood pressure, characterized by blood pressure> = 140/90 mmHg. Hypertension can not give any symptoms and is found accidentally during a physical examination, until eventually cause complications such as stroke. Stroke is a sudden brain blood circulation disorder that causes damage to brain tissue. Untreated high blood pressure can cause damage to the inner walls of blood vessels. As a result of damage to the walls of blood vessels formed thrombus from blood platelets to close the wound. This thrombus can narrow the diameter of blood vessels or can be separated and clogged in other blood vessels including blood vessels that supply blood to the brain.

Stroke can be divided into 2 namely ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. Hemorrhagic stroke is characterized by a ruptured blood vessel resulting in bleeding, while an ischemic stroke arises due to a blockage in the blood vessels of the brain. Hypertension in ischemic stroke can be fluctuating and is one risk factor that needs to be modified.

Symptoms of ischemic stroke include:

The face looks asymmetrical: one corner of the lip falls, one eyebrow cannot be raised
Talk pelo, can't talk at all
Weakness on one side of the body
Vision loss

If you find these symptoms, quickly take the patient to the nearest hospital. In addition to physical examination, investigations such as CT-scan or MRI are needed to diagnose stroke. Besides other investigations such as heart records, laboratory blood tests also need to be done to look for other risk factors for stroke.

Handling of ischemic stroke patients is adjusted to the patient's condition. Generally include airway stabilization, hemodynamic stabilization, control of body temperature. Blood pressure in ischemic stroke patients can be controlled by administering antihypertensive drugs. There are certain targets of reducing blood pressure in cases of ischemic stroke. For example it needs to be reduced by 15% from the patient's initial pressure when the pressure when it arrives> 220/120 mmHg. Thrombolysis, antithrombocyte administration can be considered for ischemic stroke patients. Neuroprotective drugs are also quite often given for ischemic stroke patients.

Stroke patients can experience sequel in the form of hemiparesis or hemiplegia (difficulty moving the arms and lower legs on one side), difficulty speaking (pelo), difficulty swallowing, immobilization that can be permanent or can also experience gradual improvement. The recovery process generally requires a variety of time and patients need rehabilitation while inpatient or outpatient. Stroke rehabilitation can be done in a health facility and done by the family after getting education about things that need to be done. Rehabilitation can include:

Exercise / mobilize patients regularly
Therapeutic exercise
Speaking and communication exercises
Modified diet (soft, liquid via nasal-gastric tube) for patients with swallowing disorders
Periodic cognitive and psychological assessment, including assessment of depressive disorders that arise in stroke patients

Prevention of recurrent stroke is by:

Control of hypertension: with antihypertensive drugs, low-salt diet
Antirombosit therapy (according to doctor's instructions)
Control blood cholesterol levels
Handling abnormalities in the heart (if found)
Stop smoking and adopt a healthy lifestyle

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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