Treatment Of Spots On The Inside Of The Eyelids?

Illustration of Treatment Of Spots On The Inside Of The Eyelids?
Illustration: Treatment Of Spots On The Inside Of The Eyelids?

My left eye looks like irritation, but the lower part of the lower eyelid, which is like a freckle, is like that. What do you think includes eye pain? How long does the healing process take? And for what medicine? r nThank you.

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Eye symptoms such as irritation usually cause complaints of red eyes, watery eyes, itchy or sore eyes or a feeling of being stuck. The complaints that you experience accompanied by spots on the eyelids can be caused by several possibilities including:

allergic conjunctivitis, eye irritation due to an allergy to certain substances
vernal conjunctivitis, an allergic reaction in the eye that is chronic in nature, is also triggered by substances that may cause allergies such as dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, etc.
bacterial conjunctivitis, irritation of the eye due to a bacterial infection
viral conjunctivitis, irritation of the eyes due to viral infection
giant papilary conjunctivitis, a more severe form of allergic conjunctivitis that causes raised spots on the inside of the eyelids

To determine the exact cause of the abnormality you are experiencing, you should check directly with an ophthalmologist because some of these disorders have similar symptoms but their treatment can be different so that to get appropriate treatment must be based on direct examination results.

The medicine depends on the cause, usually eye drops will be given, but even though the eye drops contain different substances contained in the eye drops and are given according to the diagnosis or condition you are experiencing, maybe if needed you also get oral medication. For the duration of healing cannot be determined depending on the response to treatment from each person is different. Some things you need to pay attention to:

don't rub your eyes
always keep your hands clean
Wash hands before and after contact with eyes
avoid using contact lenses
use glasses to protect the eyes from dirt and dust
avoid using cosmetics around the eyes

read about conjunctivitis, eye irritation, itchy eyes due to allergies

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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