Treatment Of Squinting Eyeballs After Being Shocked?

Illustration of Treatment Of Squinting Eyeballs After Being Shocked?
Illustration: Treatment Of Squinting Eyeballs After Being Shocked?

Good afternoon r nAnd my friend 10 days ago had an accident that was electrocuted by 22,000 volts r nWhich caused both of his legs to burn and he fell so he hit his head. R nHe was hospitalized for 5 days and complained about headache. … but matax is still the norm r nAfter he was able to go home he complained that Matax could see many objects, and was not focused r nThe family concluded that the right eye was squinted r nWhat action should be taken?

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The asymmetrical condition of the eyeball is called squint or in medical language is called strabismus. Crossed eyes can occur horizontally (eyeballs appear out or inward) and vertically (one appears more up or down)

The causes of squint there are various kinds, ranging from heredity, abnormalities of the muscles that move the eyeball, premature birth, refractive disorders that are not corrected properly, trauma / head injury, nerve disorders, other underlying diseases etc.

Squint can be constant or only appear at any time. A constant squint can be seen all the time and is easy to know. Amblyopia / lazy eye is often found in children / adults who experience constant squint. Lazy eyes occur when squinting eyes are not used to see well, of course this can reduce the quality of vision. This is often found at the age of children. In addition, disturbances can be found in 3-dimensional vision or also called binocular vision, which can only be done if the two eyeballs are in harmony.

In a partial / not constant squint, the eye position often appears symmetrical, but at times it will look squint when in certain conditions, for example when daydreaming, pensive, thinking, sick and tired.

The possibility of a squinting eye on your friend is related to a previous trauma. To find out the condition of your friend's eyes, you should do an examination to assess the position of the eyeball. The examination is best done by an eye doctor to find out the exact cause. The sooner it is detected, the better the results will be achieved after the treatment is given.

Here are some types of therapy that can be done on the squint, of course the selection of this therapy is based on medical considerations from the treating doctor:

Occlusion / patching therapy. This therapy is given if there are known indications of lazy eyes, especially in children. Lazy eyes must be managed first so that the distorted child's vision becomes normal again. The use of eye glasses, intended for cross-eyed partly because of refractive abnormalities that can not be corrected Surgery is indicated in someone who has a constant squint and has improved the condition of lazy eyes and have good binocular vision. This action is not recommended for children with partial squint or squint which only occurs at a time. That is because the squint is not constant / some still has a fairly good vision function, especially binocular vision (3-dimensional vision) which can still be done when in normal conditions. As much information as I can convey, hopefully it helps

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