Treatment Of Stage 4 Hemorrhoids Without Surgery?

Illustration of Treatment Of Stage 4 Hemorrhoids Without Surgery?
Illustration: Treatment Of Stage 4 Hemorrhoids Without Surgery?

Morning …, I want to ask, is it safe to use borraginol-s ointment without a doctor’s prescription, to be applied to hemorrhoids. I have hemorrhoids in stage 4, the doctor has suggested surgery, but I don’t dare. Thank you.

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Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), depending on the stage, can have different symptoms and management. Stage 4 hemorrhoids are usually characterized by the appearance of lumps like meat in the anus that can no longer be inserted in, even with manual repositioning. These lumps in the anus often appear accompanied by other complaints, such as itching, pain, constipation or diarrhea, bowel movements, and so on. Women, especially those who have been pregnant and give birth, and are fat, are far more at risk of developing hemorrhoids.

In patients with hemorrhoids who have reached stage 3 or 4, doctors generally will no longer recommend conservative therapy, which is in the form of medication alone. Your doctor will also encourage you to undergo other medical procedures to prevent the risk of dangerous complications, for example anemia due to excessive bleeding, to strangulation (tissue death due to hemorrhoids stuck in the anal canal). Giving an ointment as you mentioned might help relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. However, without definitive handling, your complaint can continue to recur at a later date. Of course, the use of drugs in the long run is not without risk anyway?

It is best if you consult directly with your doctor or surgeon who is treating you regarding the best treatment that needs to be done so that your hemorrhoids improve. There are many choices of actions that can be done, including hemorrhoidal ligation, sclerotherapy, coagulation, hemorrhoid thrombectomy, surgery, and so on. The choice of the best course of action will later be adjusted to your condition.

So that the symptoms of hemorrhoids improve, the following suggestions can be applied:

Eat more vegetables and fruits
Avoid excessive straining
Always maintain your ideal weight
Do not engage in anal sex
Always keep your genital and anal area clean
If the hemorrhoids are painful, you can compress your anus with ice cubes or warm water while taking pain medications, such as paracetamol

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