Treatment Of Step Disease?

Illustration of Treatment Of Step Disease?
Illustration: Treatment Of Step Disease?

Hello, I want to ask. My sister was affected by step at the age of 3 years and the effect is still there (age 18 years) whether the disease can disappear or treat

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Wa'alaikumsallam Restu.

What effect are you referring to? Do you still have recurring seizures? Are there cognitive impairments? It is difficult for us to give directed advice if you do not explain in detail what you mean by that effect.

Febrile seizures or often referred to as step, is a seizure that occurs due to high body temperature rise. Febrile seizures are divided into two, namely simple febrile seizures and complex febrile seizures. Simple febrile seizures occur in infants to children aged around 6 years. If febrile seizures continue to occur when the child's age is past 6 years, then the condition enters into complex febrile seizures.

Febrile seizures generally rarely give sequelae. Sequelae that are present in adulthood, usually occur as a result of recurrent febrile seizures, last for a long time, and are accompanied by blueness in the body of the baby or child. Bluish indicates the lack of oxygen flow to the tissue. If the brain does not get oxygen within a few minutes, then the possibility of permanent brain cell damage can occur.

If the sequelae you are referring to are cognitive impairment or seizures until adulthood, then you should take your sister in consultation with a neurologist. The doctor may need to do an EEG (electroencephalography) to determine the presence or absence of electrical abnormalities in the brain. If there is, the doctor will provide appropriate therapy to control the symptoms that often recur. Sequelae may be incurable, but can be controlled.

I can only give suggestions based on estimates. If you already know what you mean by the sequelae (effects) of the febrile seizures, then please ask us again. Thus my explanation, hopefully helped. Regards.

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