Treatment Of Stomach Infections Until Weight Loss?

Illustration of Treatment Of Stomach Infections Until Weight Loss?
Illustration: Treatment Of Stomach Infections Until Weight Loss?

My nephew has a gastric infection what to do. My nephew vomits * still, he has no appetite, his body has dropped drastically

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First of all, I want to confirm first, whether the stomach infection is a diagnosis made based on an examination by a doctor, or is it a diagnosis made without going through certain tests?

Gastric infection is a condition that describes the presence of Helicobacter pylori bacterial infection in the stomach. This diagnosis is confirmed in several ways, including performing a urea breath test, fecal examination to find Helicobacter pylori-related antigens, can also be done by examining antibodies in the blood or taking a stomach sample through endoscopy. If indeed your nephew has gone through these tests and found a Helicobacter pylori infection in the stomach, the doctor can give you drugs in the form of a combination antibiotic (which can treat Helicobacter pylori infection), as well as drugs for stomach acid suppression. These medicines can only be given using a doctor's prescription, especially if they are to be given to young children.

If the diagnosis is not a diagnosis made by a doctor, then it is necessary to know more fully what symptoms your nephew is experiencing and how long he has been experiencing these symptoms. Some things that can cause vomiting in children include:

Infection. In young children, infections in various organs can cause vomiting symptoms. Infections that cause vomiting most often occur due to infections in the intestines, but can also occur due to infections in the brain and lining of the brain, urinary tract infections, infections in the respiratory tract, infections in the liver (liver), ear infections, and others.
Food poisoning or ingesting certain toxic materials.
Blockage in the digestive tract, for example, there is torsion in the intestines, disorders of bowel movements, etc.
Appendicitis (appendicitis)
post head injury

Look for the following signs, if you find these signs in your nephew, immediately take him to the hospital:

vomiting does not stop until the child cannot drink
there are signs of severe dehydration such as sunken eyes, sunken crown, cold feeling skin, slow back pinching, decreased consciousness in children, children continue to sleep, children do not want to drink, children do not urinate or urinate less, children do not cry when cry
there is severe abdominal pain in the child
vomit is greenish or blackish in color
belly looks bulging and feels hard
vomiting occurs after a head injury
there is stiffness in the neck

Drastic weight loss is one symptom of dehydration. If it occurs in young children, especially if it occurs in babies, you should immediately bring your nephew to the hospital.

For now, try to get the child to get more fluids, provide breast milk, formula, water, electrolytes, soup, coconut water, or whatever liquid the child wants to drink. If the child vomits after drinking, give him less fluids but more often.

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