Treatment Of Suture Scars?

Hello, I approximately 2 weeks ago opened a jaring wound (2 jaitan), the connection was on the index finger, so initially the flesh of the finger was split apart, now I use the ointment again, given the hospital, but the split skin like peeling it wants to come off, then I pull it out too, it doesn’t hurt, even though the skin was the spot where the hook was installed at that time, will it really come off? oh yeah, the wound isn’t clean yet, there’s still black, thanks …

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The condition that you are experiencing can only be ascertained by direct examination, because there are various aspects that must be considered and ascertained.

What is clear, the part where the thread was sewn should not be separated, because that part is what keeps the two or more parts of the skin to come back together. If released, then nothing holds both parts of the skin and can open again. This could be because the part of the skin is dead or actually healed, it could be because the suturing is not strong, or because you are pulling it. It could also be that part that was released was only part of what was sewn, and the majority is still where it should be. With all these possibilities, once again it will depend on its appearance. The black color could have been just dried blood, but not a wound at all. However, this has already passed 2 weeks and it is very possible that you have actually recovered.

Our advice, it would be much better if you return to the doctor who previously treated you, or at least to the nearest health center to be seen directly by the doctor. If the doctor says no problem, then nothing needs to be done. But if there is not enough bleeding or suturing, it may be re-sutured, referred, or given medication if there is an infection. In the meantime, do not tug on any tissue, keep it clean and dry, keep using the ointment as recommended, and if there are symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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