Treatment Of Swollen Knees?

Illustration of Treatment Of Swollen Knees?
Illustration: Treatment Of Swollen Knees?

please enlighten whether this swollen knee must be massaged / ordered by the nerves? or what medicine can cure it not just withstand pain

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Hello Rahman, thank you for giving a question to

Previously I was Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

The complaint you are telling is a complaint that can occur in many diseases. Other supporting data such as age, history of other diseases, complaints of other supporters, eating history, history of trauma, may be able to assist in the diagnosis.

Some diseases that may occur in complaints of swollen knees are:

Sprain / Strain
Osteo Arthritis
Gout Arthritis

Sprain / strain is an injury that occurs due to excessive strain on muscles / ligaments / joint capsules / tendons. In everyday language better known as kesleo or sprained. All joints can be affected by this injury, but the ankle / ankle is the most frequent place of this twist. Symptoms vary, ranging from mild symptoms to severe symptoms depending on the degree of severity. If mild - moderate complaints that arise are usually pain, swelling is quite severe. In severe conditions the pain and swelling is very severe accompanied by damage to the surrounding tissue.

Osteo Arthritis is inflammation of the joints that occurs due to friction between the bones and joints. This condition is the most common thing, complaints result from, excessive joint use, or decreased joint lubricant productivity. Complaints that arise nyei and mild swelling in the joints, and usually occurs in the joints that support the body. Some risk factors for this disease are:

Age above 50 years
Women> Men
Previous history of injury to joint.
Bone defects.
Work or physical activity, occurs in joints that experience continuous pressure.

Dislocations are injuries to joints that occur when bones or joints move out of their proper place. Complaints that occur that indicate dislocation in addition to extreme pain, is a change in shape in the affected joint. Usually this condition is based on physical trauma / hard impact.

Gouty arthritis is inflammation of the joints caused by excessive buildup of uric acid. Normal uric acid levels in men are 3.4 - 7.0 mg / dL, and women 2.4 - 6.0 mg / dL. Complaints that will arise are pain in the affected joints, swelling in the joints and when done touch will feel warm, and the pain disappears when touched. But the joints that are often affected by this disease are small joints such as the big toe, finger joint, etc.

To find out the right treatment for your illness, I suggest you to consult directly with your doctor to do a physical examination directly, or even support such as gout check, rongen, etc. to establish the diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment.

Right now what you can do is:

Rest your feet, by placing your feet higher than your body.
Compress with ice to reduce pain.
Use elastic bandage on the sore joint.
Take medicine according to doctor's orders.

A few answers from me, hopefully it helps.

Thank you :)

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