Treatment Of Swollen, Red And Hot Blisters?

Illustration of Treatment Of Swollen, Red And Hot Blisters?
Illustration: Treatment Of Swollen, Red And Hot Blisters?

Good morning, yesterday I fell from the motorbike and was dragged on the asphalt leaving drag wounds in several places. I have cleaned my wound with water and applied betadine to my wound. One wound among the others is swollen, with redness, heat, pain, which are signs of inflammation. Is my wound really normal in its healing period or what? thank you

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Injury can occur after the body has experienced a trauma. Wounds after an accident can be in the form of abrasions or tears. If you have an abrasion as a result of a drag, it is usually quite extensive and can occur in various places.

If just yesterday you had an abrasion and now your wound is swollen, reddish and painful it is a normal process of injury, where there is inflammation. The pain and discomfort can last up to several weeks depending on the size of your wound, and depending on the wound care.

But besides that, the swelling and redness that you experience can also be caused by an infection. It is very easy to get infected with abrasions after an accident, so it can also cause pain and swelling.

Therefore, you should check with a dermatologist first, so that the doctor can check the condition of your wound, and later the doctor can give the right medication, for example, certain antibiotics if necessary.

Here's an article that you can read about abrasions

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