Treatment Of TB Sufferers?

Illustration of Treatment Of TB Sufferers?
Illustration: Treatment Of TB Sufferers?

Is the TB medicine only one item that is red? r nAnd if it has been 2 weeks of routine treatment, are the germs not contagious?

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Tuberculosis is a disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB can be transmitted through respiratory air or through sputum droplets of sufferers. TB can occur in various organs of the body such as the lungs, bones, lymph nodes and brain.

In patients with tuberculosis, treatment is needed within a certain period, usually at least 6 months of therapy are required. In the early stages of treatment, TB drug treatment is usually given a red color (intensive phase). The red color TB treatment is a combination treatment (FDC), in which one tablet consists of various drugs making it easier to take the drug. TB treatment which has only been 2 weeks is still contagious.

Therefore, it is recommended that you carry out routine control to your doctor, so that the doctor can check your condition regularly. In the 2nd month of treatment, the sputum examination will usually be repeated.

use a mask when outside the house. Do not throw phlegm carelessly. Eat nutritious foods. Do not smoke.

here's an article you can read about tuberculosis

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