Treatment Of The Skin Such As Herpes?

Illustration of Treatment Of The Skin Such As Herpes?
Illustration: Treatment Of The Skin Such As Herpes?

Good afternoon, I am 33 years old Isca, it’s been 2 weeks I have itching all over my body but it’s worse on my upper buttocks until my thighs, the taste is amazing, initially arising like smallpox gto spots and runny and then because of the frequent grind it widened like a gto crater , like herpes, but not herpes, I used to use Bevalex cream to acyclovir cream, but it hasn’t disappeared, please help me to take what medication? The problem is, it feels really tedious.

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There are itchy complaints that you feel in the area of ​​your skin from the thigh to the buttocks, with a shape resembling herpes, possibly triggered by a tick bite or also called a mite bite. Mite bite is often felt in the form of annoying itchy complaints in the form of small reddish spots, sometimes containing clear liquid, itching, complaints of itching often occur at night and complaints of itching often spread to the legs, hands, thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen or breast fold in women . These complaints often occur because of some risk due to myths from pets, plants, or from stored or frequently contacted vegetables. However, this needs to be evaluated and examined directly by your dermatologist.
Some other medical conditions can also provide similar complaints, such as:
1. yeast infection
2. virus infection
3. scabies
4. allergic
5. inflammation of hair roots
6. dermatitis or skin radnag
If you currently feel itchy complaints that are very disturbing, you can provide temporary treatment to meet with your doctor, such as by compressing warm water with water as hot as possible as strong as your skin, apply compresses to the itchy area 3 to 4 times a day for 10- 15 minutes. For annoying itching, you can take over-the-counter medicines that are sold over the counter, such as CTM, and read the rules of use and their side effects. Usually compresses consistently will help reduce this complaint.
For better treatment, you should immediately consult with your skin specialist. The doctor will do a direct examination of your skin and ascertain the cause of this complaint. By looking directly at the area of ​​complaints, specialist doctors can find out the cause of this complaint. If necessary, a supplementary examination can be planned by your doctor. care and treatment will be given according to the results of your doctor's examination.
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