Treatment Of Tuberculosis And Breast Infections?

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, I want to ask, my mother got tb mastitis a few months ago initially on the left breast it always hurts at the nipple and is hard like a stone when pressed, because we thought it was just normal swelling so we just checked it after 3 months we felt the symptoms, when The doctor at the lgsg hospital recommended surgery after that the operation went smoothly but a month after the operation my mother experienced bone pain, nausea, weakness, and excessive aches. I, as a child, was confused about what I should do to treat it because after going to the hospital I was only given anti-pain medication, dizziness, etc. Does it have anything to do with TB mastitis? because according to the doctor at the hospital, my mother will experience this for about a month but I’m confused, is there no other choice? When my mother had to experience these various illnesses for one month, thank you for your time

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TB is an infectious disease caused by infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB can infect various organs such as lungs, bones, lymph nodes, breasts, to the brain. The symptoms that arise also vary, for example in mastitis due to tuberculosis infection, it usually causes symptoms such as pain, redness, swelling of the breasts, fever, weight loss, and weakness.

If your mother has had surgery, then it takes time for healing. usually after 1-2 months of surgery will still feel pain. In addition, in TB mastitis, TB bacteria are usually still present, so these bacteria can still cause nausea, weakness, and possibly fever. therefore, usually the doctor will do a re-examination, and it may be necessary to use anti-tuberculosis drugs for a certain period of time.

if your mother still feels pain, then your mother can take painkillers prescribed by your doctor, because TB infection can cause symptoms like what your mother is currently experiencing.

but the condition experienced by your mother may be due to other causes such as tuberculosis infection in other places such as in the bones or digestive tract.

Therefore, it is recommended that your mother regularly check with the doctor, so that the doctor can monitor your mother's condition regularly. Thus, the doctor will be able to provide customized treatment for your mother.

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