Treatment Of Tuberculosis In Pleural Effusion Patients?

Illustration of Treatment Of Tuberculosis In Pleural Effusion Patients?
Illustration: Treatment Of Tuberculosis In Pleural Effusion Patients?

, I want to ask. Yesterday my father took an X-ray and the result was there was fluid in the right lung. After consulting a doctor, he finally carried out an inpatient treatment and an attempt was made to suck up the liquid. But after trying, the liquid couldn’t be sucked in because it had frozen. The info is the frozen fluid in the lining of the lung. In fact, my father had been coughing for a while +/- 3 months, but every time he checked the sputum the result was negative TB. Yes, after the suction attempt was made, the doctor said that my father was positive for TB. R nDoes the frozen liquid not disappear later? Will it not interfere with lung function in the future? R nAnd will my father’s tuberculosis be cured? thanks.

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Hi Chuzsann, Thank you for the question.

The fluid that is present in the pleural cavity is called pleural effusion. The pleura is the membrane that lines the lungs and chest wall. Normally, in this cavity there is a small amount of fluid that functions as a lubricant so that when a person breathes, coughs, or sneezes, there is no friction between the two pleura and does not cause pain. Pleural effusion can be caused by various health conditions, one of which is tuberculosis. Tuberculosis (TB) is an infection caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis which can attack the lungs or other organs outside the lungs. To diagnose TB, doctors need to know the patient's complaints, carry out a physical examination, and other tests such as blood tests, sputum tests, X-rays. A discharge test can also determine the cause of your father's complaint.

Pleural fluid that clots may be due to the presence of blood in the fluid that has clotted so that it is more difficult to expel it through the usual pleural tapping procedure. Excessive fluid buildup in the pleural cavity will certainly interfere with lung movement, causing the sufferer to have difficulty breathing. The doctor will usually recommend removing this fluid using a larger tube (chest tube) which will be left for some time so that all of the fluid can be drained. This chest tube installation procedure is usually performed by a general surgeon or thoracic / heart surgery specialist.

A person who is declared to have TB can be cured by administering anti-tuberculosis (OAT) drugs for 6-9 months according to the case, provided that the patient takes the drug every day according to the doctor's recommendation.

Please consult with the pulmonologist who treats your father regarding the next treatment. Advise your father to undergo treatment according to doctor's instructions, always cover his mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing to prevent transmission, maintain hand hygiene, not smoke, and not throw phlegm in the open.

Hope this information helps.

Dr. Aloisia

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